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Oh Dang, It’s Another ‘ElimiDATE’ Episode at the Mall

We've got Build-a-Bear antics and a Dr. Kevorkian jokes in this installment.

Let’s Watch This Amazing ‘ElimiDATE’ Episode Featuring the Gay 90’s

Guys, I really think this might be one of the best eps ever.

Fuck Yeah! Let’s Watch This MN State Fair Episode of ‘ElimiDATE’

“I wanna impress this girl... with a little charm, wit, intelligent conversation, and definitely my butt.”

Let’s Watch This Gun-Themed Prior Lake Episode of ‘ElimiDATE’

Everyone acts like they were shot with tranquilizers beforehand because there's almost no booze.

Let’s Watch This Lake Minnetonka ‘ElimiDATE’ Episode Featuring Maynard’s and Chili Dogs

This episode also has butt blisters, hair gel abuse, and a mislabeled shot of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.