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Wanna Buy D’Angelo Russell’s Baller Wayzata Mansion?

As featured last year in Architectural Digest.

City Swimming is Better Than Owning a Cabin

A love letter to our urban swimming spaces—no septic tank maintenance required.

Let’s Take a Ride with a Minneapolis Bike Bus

A fun, community-building way to get to class might also be the future of school transportation.

May 24, 2023

Money Journal: 1 Week in Uptown on a $75K Salary

How far do the dollars of a 31-year-old fintech manager go?

Meet the Twin Cities Wyverns, Your Local Armored Combat Squad

Still less violently self-destructive than the Wolves.

May 11, 2023

Fuck Yeah! Let’s Watch This MN State Fair Episode of ‘ElimiDATE’

“I wanna impress this girl... with a little charm, wit, intelligent conversation, and definitely my butt.”

The City Slicker’s Guide to Twin Cities Auto Racing

This is racing with its roots in Brainerd and Boone, not Bristol or Bahrain.

Meet the Tattoo Artist: Taylor Sue at Bee Tattoo

This Northfield-raised artist uses a stippling technique to create gorgeous flora and fauna.