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Two Weeks of Movie Listings? Merry Xmas to You!

Pretty much every movie you can see in local theaters for the next two weeks.

Promotional stills|

Scenes from “A Muppet Christmas Carol” and ‘Strange Days’

Well, friends, it's all come down to this—the very last movie listings post of 2023. See you next year with more bad jokes and good movies.

Special Screenings

Thursday, December 21

The Grinch (2018)
Alamo Drafthouse
Eww, they made another animated version of The Grinch? $5. 10 a.m. More info here.

Before Sunrise (1995)
Grandview 1&2
Ethan Hawke—irritating or charming? Vote in the comments! $12. 9:15 p.m. Saturday 11:59 p.m. More info here.

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
The Heights
Santa is real. $12. 7:30 p.m. More info here.

America Is Sinking (2023)
Scientists create sinkholes to protect us from global warming, or something. $8. 5 p.m. More info here.

2023 British Arrows Awards
Walker Art Center
Once more, these "adverts," as the Brits say, will take over the Walker for December, and tix will go fast. Through Saturday. Also Wednesday through Sunday, Dec. 31. $18+. Times and more info here.

Friday, December 22

The Shop Around the Corner (1952)
A You've Got Mail for non-psychopaths, with Jimmy Stewart as a Hungarian. Also Saturday. $8. 7 & 9 p.m. More info here.

Saturday, December 23

Elf (2003)
Alamo Drafthouse
Everyone's favorite visitor from Melmac is back and—oh, sorry, it's Elf$15.04. 3:35 p.m. More info here.

Ronin: The Robber's Daughter (1984)
The Main
The beloved Swedish classic. $10. 4 p.m. Also Sunday 12:30. More info here.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
*whispers* A little overrated. $5-$10. 1 p.m. More info here.

Sunday, December 24

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
Emagine Willow Creek
Seriously, I tear up just thinking about it. $9. 1 & 4 p.m. More info here.

Monday, December 25

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
Alamo Drafthouse
Yep, still teary. $10. 3 p.m. More info here.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
It's a Robert Downey Jr. Xmas. Also Tuesday. $8. 7 & 9 p.m. More info here.

Wednesday, December 27

American Graffiti (1973)
Grandview 1&2
The movie that invented Boomer nostalgia. $12. Wednesday-Thursday 9:15 p.m. Saturday 11:59 p.m. More info here.

16 MM Learny Toons
A collection of educational, entertaining cartoons. $10. 7 p.m. More info here.

Thursday, December 28

Gremlins (1984)
The Parkway
Girl, are you a gremlin? Because I wanna get you wet and multiply. With pre-show music by Simon Husbands. $9-$12. Music at 7 p.m. Movie at 8 p.m. More info here.

Friday, December 29

Tampopo (1951)
Can this noodle shop be saved? $8. Friday-Saturday 7 & 9:15 p.m. Sunday 3 & 5:15 p.m. More info here.

Saturday, December 30

When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
Alamo Drafthouse
Just in time for New Year's Eve. Well, a day early. $10. 11:30 a.m. More info here.

Jingle All the Way (1996)
The Parkway
I am told this locally shot flick is a holiday classic. $5-$10. 1 p.m. More info here.

Sunday, December 31

The Apartment (1960)
Alamo Drafthouse
Jeez, young Shirley MacLaine was so cute. $10. 11 a.m. More info here.

Strange Days (1995)
Kathryn Bigelow was so cool before 9/11. $8. 7:30 p.m. Monday-Tuesday 7 p.m. More info here.

Monday, January 1

New Year's Evil (1980)
Emagine Willow Creek
A murderer plans to kill a woman at midnight in every time zone, which seems... overly ambitious. $6. 7:30 p.m. More info here.

Holiday Inn (1942)
The Heights
The final film in the trilogy, following Hotel and Motel. $12. 1 p.m. More info here.

Wednesday, January 3

A Town Called Panic: Double Fun (2016)
Alamo Drafthouse
Two playful, short, animated toy stories. $10. 6 p.m. More info here.

Tape Freaks January
The first Tape Freaks of 2024. $5. 7 p.m. More info here.

Opening This Week

Follow the links for showtimes.

Anyone But You
The guy behind the Peter Rabbit movies adapts Much Ado About Nothing for hot young people.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
How do lose an entire kingdom? That's just careless.

The Boys in the Boat
The University of Washington rowing team makes it to the 1936 Olympics, if that's what you're into. 

The Color Purple
At least they let a Black person direct this time.

Four Indian friends sneak into England.

The man. The car. The Oscar season biopic.

The Iron Claw
This wrestling movie's just one brother after another dying and the dad saying "you boys gotta get tougher!"

Some country ducks find themselves in New York City. Uh oh!

Poor Things
The film that dares ask: What if Frankenstein's monster was a super-horny woman?

Society of the Snow
The survivors of a crash in the Andes band together. Instead of eating each other.

Ongoing in Local Theaters

Follow the links for showtimes.

The Boy and the Heron (read our review here)

Godzilla Minus One (read our review here)

The Holdovers (read our review here)

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

The Marvels


Napoleon (read our review here)

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé

Saltburn (read our review here)

The Shift

Silent Night

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (read our review here)

Trolls Band Together



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