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Let’s Anticipate/Dread/Consider the Holidays in This Friday’s Open Thread

It's your chance to yak about whatever you want here at Racket.

10:12 AM CST on November 17, 2023

Spencer Davis vis Unsplash

Well whaddya know, here it is Friday again. And at Racket, as I hope you know by now that means y'all get to talk amongst yourselves about whatever's going on in your lives or whatever's on your minds.

But with Thanksgiving less than a week away, I'm afraid I gotta ask you about "the holidays." What plans have you made? What plans do you wish you didn't have to make? What traditions do you have? What traditions don't you have? Are you jolly? Melancholy? Resigned?

Of course, as I always say (and as I always says that I always say), feel free ignore this prompt and just talk about whatever. This is your open thread, after all.

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