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Let’s Watch This Gun-Themed Prior Lake Episode of ‘ElimiDATE’

Everyone acts like they were shot with tranquilizers beforehand because there's almost no booze.

Let’s Watch This Lake Minnetonka ‘ElimiDATE’ Episode Featuring Maynard’s and Chili Dogs

This episode also has butt blisters, hair gel abuse, and a mislabeled shot of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.

A Tale of 3 South Minneapolis Tiny Houses

The spring market yielded three pint-sized cuties, all priced north of $220K.

April 25, 2023

Read 5 Weed-Winning THC Tales From Real Racket Readers

Aspirational Hunter S. Thompsons inundated our inboxes with far-out stories.

April 24, 2023

A Revolution on Foot: ‘Walking Artist’ Jonathon Stalls Strolls Across the Country for Pedestrian Rights

This week he's hosting three events in the Twin Cities to encourage people to experience the simple, radical act of moving slowly.

April 20, 2023

Enter Our 4/20 Short Story Contest, Buuuddy

Five winners will get published in Racket and, crucially, win $109 worth of Baja Ontario edibles each.

April 20, 2023

Meet the Most Absurdly Positive Timberwolves Tweeter

Jake Kelly, aka @jakesgraphs, reminds us that T-Wolves fandom can be fun.

A U of M Reporter Explores BORG, the Latest Binge-Drinking Craze

What the hell is it? Why is it everywhere? How dubious are the health claims? What should I name mine?

‘Passion for the Hole’: The Uptown Sinkhole Has Become a Social Hotspot

A gaping Minneapolis sinkhole emerged over the weekend. It's already bringing gawkers and partyers together.