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A Tale of 3 South Minneapolis Tiny Houses

The spring market yielded three pint-sized cuties, all priced north of $220K.

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Three! Tiny! Homes!

Back at City Pages, I stumbled onto the tiny house beat in 2020. (In a completely unrelated turn of events, CP folded months later.) Readers were charmed by the lil huts, new and old. I've kept it up for Racket, from the deep south of Minneapolis to the North Side.

Typically, across the entire metro, you'll encounter one or two tiny houses for sale at any given time. So you can imagine our click-hungry delight when three such homes appeared just blocks from one another over the past week. (Not all of these properties fit the "back-of-lot" dwelling definition, but you should absolutely read Stribber Nancy Ngo's recent historical exploration of why so many exist, particularly on the South Side.)

Below, you'll find three mini profiles on those tiny houses. One highlights history, another involves a Realtor calling my ass out, and the third is something of a mystery—though, as the newest to market, it's the only one of the bunch that hasn't already received offers. Happy home-peepin'!

5005 Bloomington Ave.: $265K

1 bed, 1 bath, 512 square feet, 6,098-square-foot lot, built in 1925

In 2005, Kelly Marshall bought 5005 Bloomington Ave. from a friend who had been using the creek-adjacent cottage as a rental. "She had completely gutted and renovated it in 1998," Marshall says. "It was really gross." The reimagined interior is bright, airy, and tall. You might have noticed the cables and turnbuckles bracketed across the ceiling. Since the previous owner raised the living space to the rafters, they're there to fortify against heavy snow. The geometric, industrial look is a pleasant aesthetic side effect. For Marshall, who has rented out the home for several years, the property houses lots of memories. A professional weaver, Marshall wrote her 2012 book there, using it as the photographic backdrop for Custom Woven Interiors. "I loved living there," she says. "The house is laid out beautifully, with floor-to-ceiling windows so you feel like you're outside in the garden." Bonus: There's a finished 152-square-foot studio built alongside the garage, plus a screened-in porch out back. Marshall happily reports that, following last week's open house, she was able to choose from three offers.

Click here for the listing + more photos

5414 33rd Ave. S.: $225K

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 518 square feet, 6,534-square-foot lot, built in 1926

The square footage vs. price point of this Wenonah home inspired me to tweet about the nuttiness of the current housing market. I ended up hearing from the buyer, a lovely man, and his Realtor, also a lovely man, both of whom took issue with my perceived shit-talking. "Hot takes on real estate values in 140 characters is difficult... it's easy to make judgements," agent Cole Hooey told me by phone this morning. "It's a really nuanced thing. When you get to a house this small, the inherent value of the land it's on becomes a much larger factor." Sure enough, the handful of lots in available in south Minneapolis all run $99K+, with one on E. Lake Harriet Parkway going for $1.6 million. And 5414 33rd Ave., which manages to squeeze two bedrooms into its footprint near Lake Nokomis, checks a lot of desirable boxes, including granite countertops, original hardwood floors, and a full basement for possible expansion. Hooey does acknowledge the Twin Cities housing market, at the moment, still very much favor sellers. "It's still very competitive. Homes that are well-priced and well-prepared will sell with multiple offers on the first weekend still," he says. "Buyers have adjusted to interest rates, which have become more predictable. We're at such a record low inventory that we'll continue to see a strong sellers' market for a long time."

Click here for the listing + more photos

5533 41st Ave. S.: $247K

Studio, 2 bathrooms, 565 square feet, 7,841-square-foot-lot, built in 1923

We didn't hear back from the listing agent, though the property description sums things up nicely: "A special home nestled on a serene, expansive, 60' wide lot surrounded by perennials and raised vegetable gardens. This tiny home is a rare, perfect blend of 1920s-era wood construction and tastefully updated, modern industrial details." The space is "more haiku than poem," it notes, adding that the HVAC, roof, and paint are all newish. The beams, the brick, the updated bath and kitchen with vintage stove—there's a lot to like. While it's listed as a studio, 5533 41st Ave. boasts a lofted bedroom up top; below, there's an unfinished basement. Fans of '90s indie rock might want to inquire about the Wrens and Sigur Rós posters being included in the sale. See for yourself at an open house this Saturday from noon until 2 p.m.

Click here for the listing + more photos

All photos courtesy of property listings

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