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Wanna Buy

Wanna Buy Nicollet Island’s Opulent Jewel Box of a Townhouse?

Stepping inside the 147-year-old Minneapolis property transports you from Europe to Asia and beyond.

Wanna Buy a Midcentury Richfield Time Capsule for $425K?

Incredibly well-preserved and reasonably priced.

Wanna Buy MN’s Only ‘Care-Free Alcoa Home,’ One of Just 24 Ever Built?

Beautiful, purple, and glassy, this rare throwback just hit the market in St. Louis Park.

Wanna Buy Jeremy Messersmith’s Tiny House, Arguably the Tiniest One in Minneapolis?

The talented singer-songwriter discovered new talents while waiting out the pandemic in his itty-bitty property near Lake Nokomis.

Wanna Buy St. Cloud’s Famously Freaky Fish House? (Now, Sadly, with Fewer Freaky Features.)

Poseidon's Fortress, available now for $749,000, looks a lot different these days.

March 20, 2024

Wanna Buy This ‘City Cabin’ in the Heart of South Minneapolis?

The itty-bitty home is being advertised as a 'one-of-a-kind mountain retreat'... that happens to be blocks from Matt's Bar.

March 11, 2024

Wanna Buy?—Notebook Dump Edition!

Let's look at a seemingly/spookily abandoned south Minneapolis home, a St. Paul firehouse conversation with a dark backstory, a curious mid-century St. Croix estate, and an iconic St. Paul hangout in which Fitzgerald famously got wasted.

February 26, 2024

Wanna Buy This Gorgeous, 122-Year-Old Lakeside Duluth Cottage? Too Bad!

Setting aside issues around property taxes and land use, a billionaire family's Park Point shopping spree offers insight into a vast, class-rooted values chasm.

January 16, 2024