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Dustin Nelson

Dustin Nelson is a journalist and comic book writer in Minneapolis. His new comic is “Magda, Skeleton Maker.” He has made big promises about never giving you up or letting you down. 

Why Are Weed Drink Serving Sizes So Confusing?

As Minnesota's THC beverage market finds its footing, breweries and brands are still figuring out what consumers want.

November 29, 2023

Litt Pinball Bar Just Leveled Up

The old Liquor Lyle’s space is Litt.

October 12, 2023

The New State Fair Beers of 2023, Ranked by Their Minnesota-ness

Dan Patch’N Fruit IPA, Babe’s Blueberry & Maple Golden Ale, Duck Duck Blue Duck... which beer local-angled the best?

The Best Fancy Deviled Eggs You Can Order at Twin Cities Restaurants

Not sure what’s more surprising: The number of local restaurants that have deviled eggs or the number of ways you can dress ‘em up.

Where to Find ‘Minnesota Sushi’ on the Menu at Actual Restaurants

MN sushi, pickle roll-ups... whatever you call 'em, they're not just for your uncle’s potluck anymore.

The New State Fair Beers of 2022, Ranked by Their Minnesota-ness

Fair Mullet, Mango Coaster, Tootsie Hop, Cucumber Summer... which is the most Minnesotan of them all?

August 24, 2022