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Timberwolves Superfan Jiggly Boy: ‘It’s OK to Just Go Nuts with Your Joy for These Guys’

It's an exciting time to be a Timberwolves fan, making it the perfect time for the franchise's most excitable fan, John 'Jiggly Boy' Sweeney, to talks hoops with us.

Epoch Times Billboards in MN: The Truth Behind the ‘#1 Trusted News’ Org

They've popped up all over the Twin Cities, and they don't reveal very much. Here's the story behind the 'giant [right-wing] influence machine' they're promoting.

Two Dudes Casually Offered $20 Naz Reid Tattoos. Hundreds Have Claimed the Deal.

The whirlwind sale will conclude whenever the Wolves exit the playoffs. It might be awhile.

Help Racket Get to 4K Subscribers, Win Prizes

The carrot? Half-off subscriptions and automatic entry into a drawing for fabulous prizes! The stick? We'll be so mad at you if you don't take advantage.

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Honk! Honk! Does Wridz Beat Uber and Lyft?

Plus cops being cops, local TikToker makes bad, mysterious late night classical music, and Racket makes the Strib in today's Flyover news roundup.

Strib Analysis: American Dream Is Dead, Especially for Minnesotans

Plus a new downtown Minneapolis chicken joint, a voting rights bill passes, and reporting leads to change in today's Flyover news roundup.

Scream It Off Screen: Because Screaming at Something You Hate Is Fun

The wonderfully weird short film competition has gotten so big it's headed to The Fitzgerald this weekend.

On the Big Screen This Week: Apes, Amy, and Cybill Shepherd as a Minnesotan

Pretty much all the movies you can catch in the Twin Cities this week.

DayFunk Brings the Family to the Club While the Sun’s Still Up

And now the popular daytime house music party is going camping—but don't call it a rave.