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Wanna Buy the St. Cloud Barbie House?

The riverside dream home in central Minnesota is attracting thousands of internet looky-loos.

Edina Realty

If Ryan Gosling wants to go full method acting for his heavily meme'd role as Ken in Greta Gerwig's upcoming Barbie, we've got the perfect house for him.

Earlier this morning, the popular social media channel Zillow Gone Wild featured 630 Riverside Dr. SE in St. Cloud. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,147-square-footer strikes a minor quirky chord with its pastel green cinderblock exterior. Then you step inside to the kaleidoscopic swirl of pinks, greens, and yellows, plus a ton of mid-century knickknacks. It's aesthetically similar to Grandpa's Pool House, the Stanchfield vacation rental that was recently resurrected to its current kitsch-tastic glory.

"The incredible 1940s bungalow is one of a kind," exclaims the $250,000 property listing from Edina Realty's Dolly Langer. "Built of cinderblock, this home is truly something to behold and a rare opportunity."

Highlights include: a fireplace, eat-in kitchen, surplus glass block, circus-themed bathroom, basement rec room, stylistically divergent flag-centric bedroom, killer wallpaper, and, of course, vibes for days. The tuck-under garage could fit any number of proprietary Barbie vehicles; the Mississippi River-abutting lot seems pleasant, and like a possible launching point for the Barbie Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat.

We didn't hear back from Langer, so we reached out to local Twitter personality/former St. Cloud resident Stu Neuman for on-the-ground intel about the neighborhood.

"Southeast St. Cloud is right across the river from SCSU; the homes on and near the river are nice as hell, a little funky, and mostly all are vintage, only a couple McMansion-y behemoths," the Surly Brewing comms guy tells us. "Think it's a mix of tenured SCSU profs and old St. Cloud money, like whoever created the 3-for-1 happy hour at The Press (RIP), that's where they settle."

Stu continued: "If you keep going east, the average household income goes down and the split-levels, rentals, and college housing go up. That's where my family lived. Further east is the St. Cloud Penitentiary, Highway 10, and the Culver's where the New York Times interviewed that one racist."

Well there you have it.

Enjoy this photo tour of the so-called St. Cloud Barbie House, courtesy of Edina Realty:

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