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Illegal Meat Ring!!!

Plus Richfield kills weed, Trump loves Jensen, and spooktacular Halloween houses in today's Flyover.

Welcome back to The Flyover, your daily midday digest of what local media outlets and Twitter-ers are gabbing about.

Homeland Security Busted a $9 Million Meat Ring This Week

Meat trafficking! It’s a thing now, and it’s happening in Minnesota. It all started in Lincoln, Nebraska, where the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office began investigating a string of semitrailer thefts and missing frozen meat from processing plants totaling around $1 million. What they found was a complex, $9 million frozen meat trafficking ring spanning the greater Midwest. "This highly sophisticated Organized Criminal Enterprise is based out of Miami, Florida and has been targeting beef and pork packaging plants in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin," the feds explained in a statement. (Similar to Trump's statement down below, they extended real creative license to the accepted norms around capitalization.) The investigation is ongoing, but so far three have been arrested in Miami, Florida, in connection to this… very unexpected but apparently quite lucrative crime ring.

Richfield Narcs Out New Weed Industry

The term “Wild West” keeps getting tossed around when discussing Minnesota’s recent surprise legalization of Delta-9 marijuana products. On Tuesday, the Richfield City Council twirled its (figurative) six-shooter and flashed its (figurative) sheriff’s badge, demanding law, order, and a one-year moratorium on the sale of Delta-8 and Delta-9 products to figure out how to "regulate and license them,” Bring Me the News reports. Beginning December 1, Richfielders seeking a weed buzz will have to travel north, to the faraway lands of south Minneapolis, to score edibles and seltzers. Or, honestly, in any other compass direction, which hits on the frustration expressed by Sean Hayford Oleary, the lone dissenting vote in the 4-1 decision. "Richfield will be a regulatory island,” he tweeted. His colleagues were more focused on the "significant gaps in state oversight and accountability of the manufacturing and production, testing, and distribution of the products,” and pledged to return to the issue once they understand what the hell is going on.

Trump Endorses Dr. Scott Jensen, Jensen Kinda Implies Trump Is Riding His Coattails

Former President Donald Trump has been on an endorsement jag recently. Earlier this week he endorsed election fraud pusher Kim Crockett. And yesterday, he threw his thumb’s up into GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen's campaign. “...[Jensen] will bring Minnesota back from the brink,” Trump posted from Truth Social, as he’s still banned from most old-school social media. “Strong on both fighting Crime and delivering Solid and Sensible education, the results will be quickly seen - and there won’t be any more fiery takeovers of police precincts.” (As always, incredible/baffling capitalization choices from the onetime leader of the free world.) So far, Jensen hasn’t directly responded to the endorsement; he previously told reporters that he didn’t expect one from Trump. He did, however, allude to the post in a vague press release. "As this campaign takes the lead in the polls, I expect many individuals and organizations to ride the momentum and endorse our campaign,” Jensen writes. “While we have not actively sought the endorsement of political leaders, we are grateful for those who have recognized our ability to lead and Heal Minnesota." Hitch your trailer to this rising star, Trump!

Owners of Halloween Houses Gab with MPR News

Halloween houses: They're a whole lotta fun, even if certain easily spooked cowards can't handle the heat. That sentiment ain't lost on MPR News, who recently dispatched friend of Racket Sam Stroozas to catalog some of the metro's most spooktacular abodes. We're talking jumbo skeletons, inflatable cats, quirky graves galore, and real-life monster... Michael Jackson?! "Even before we decorated so much, we’ve always loved Halloween. The witches, the colors—it’s just fun to believe in something," Stillwater's Michelle Bracewell-Musson told MPR. Amen, sister. Check out the whole story for surplus of all the fright-packed homes Stroozas profiled. Simply hate reading? Hard to blame ya. Check out this video instead:

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