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What’s the Deal With St. Paul?

After spending 72 hours in the other city, this Racket reader has some ideas.

Money Journal: 1 Week in South Minneapolis on a $90K Salary

How far do the dollars of a 37-year-old public high school English teacher go?

August 7, 2023

Let’s Talk MN Cannabis Legalization with the Weed Lady Lawyer

Jen Randolph Reise, the self-dubbed Weed Lady Lawyer, fields our far-flung Qs about the brave new world of legalized cannabis.

August 2, 2023

WreckIt Rage Room Promises to Be Cheaper and More Fun Than Therapy. So I Tried Both.

How one depressed person became an apologist for senselessly breaking things.

August 2, 2023

Inside MN’s Only Traditional Lucha Libre Wrestling Event

“There’s a difference between putting on a mask and wrestling, and putting on a mask and doing lucha libre.”

My Bleak Day at the Star-Studded, Get-Rich-Quick Jesus Jamboree

Around 4,000 Christians flocked to a suburban megachurch to hear from Tim Tebow, a 'Duck Dynasty' guy, and a parade of godly salesmen.

Read an Excerpt from ‘Too Much Sea for Their Decks: Shipwrecks of MN’s North Shore & Isle Royale’

Michael Schumacher's sixth Great Lakes shipwreck book explores the icy depths of Lake Superior.

Wanna Buy a Hastings Hobbit House?

A place fit for Isumbras Took the First!

July 12, 2023

Oh Dang, It’s Another ‘ElimiDATE’ Episode at the Mall

We've got Build-a-Bear antics and a Dr. Kevorkian jokes in this installment.