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Meet The Ass-Kickin’, Mask-Wearin’ Luchadors of Minnesota

Rudos Productions is winning fans over, one match at a time.

Angela Lundberg|

Rudos Promotions

“I want to show a new audience what lucha is all about,” Jesus De La Torre, the longtime luchador behind Rudos Promotions, told Racket last week. “We want to invite the community to come and bring their kids, so that they can learn about lucha libre. And I want to bring lucha libre to the Anglo community, too.”

So let's get the ball rolling on that! The following is a collection of photos of your local luchadors as they kick ass and write their names on the heads of fans. It's both wholesome and hardcore, with masks that run the gamut from mischievous to majestic (gotta love a dude with a lion's mane). All photos by Angela Lundberg.

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