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Well, This Week’s Friday Open Thread Can’t NOT Be About the State Fair, Can It?

Talk about the fair—or literally anything else.

9:15 AM CDT on August 25, 2023

Minnesota State Fair

Once again, Team Racket has weathered Day One of the Minnesota State Fair, eating voraciously and with purpose, and as a result suffering from only mild indigestion, dehydration, sunburn, and overall fatigue.

And so, on this week's open thread, we want to know what your fair plans are—or aren't. What foods or music or other fair activities are you anticipating? What are your annual fair rituals? (Personally, I am a fan of the Creative Activities building—an incredible showcase of bottomless grandma energy—and the Ag Building's honey lemonade.)

Then again, if the fair ain't your jam (no shame), what Fair Week counter-programming do you engage in?

P.S. One last reminder that tomorrow (Saturday!) is Racket's second anniversary party at Fair State. We expect to see you all there.

If you're fair-ambivalent, or just have other things on your mind, feel free, of course, to talk about whatever you like. This is your open thread, of course.

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