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Watch This Lady’s Extremely Loud Freak Out at the Guthrie

Theater is back!


After 18 months of semi-isolation, we're all relearning how to behave in public. None of us more so than the lady who freaked the hell out last night at the Guthrie Theater.

Theater is back, baby, as Racket critic Jay Gabler noted when the Guthrie reopened last month, and Friday marked opening night for the theater's second play of the season, A Christmas Carol. It's unclear what set this particular theatergoer off but... well, you better just see for yourself:

At one point she shrieks "get out of my country," which is not typically something non-racists say, though the motivations are not obvious. For her third-act dramatic climax, we get: "They're mocking Shakespearian drama while they watch an English play. Losers! Losers all of you. You don't know what Macbeth is. Macbeth! Macbeth!!!"

The pre-show outburst lasted upwards of 40 minutes, according to folks on Twitter. Perhaps it was set off by a selfie, one apparent attendee suggests, or perhaps a mask requirement. Another person claims the shouting was directed at "non-white audience members."

"Pretty sure it started over someone taking a selfie right before the show," the Twitter user who captured the video tells us via DM. "She then started screaming, wouldn’t wear a mask, and called someone a 'black bitch.' She was also spitting and ripped a few programs up. Security wouldn’t touch her. Took police at least 30 minutes to arrive before removing her."

James Haskins, the Guthrie's managing director, issued the following statement late Saturday morning:

"On November 12, the Guthrie Theater’s performance of A Christmas Carol was delayed due to a disruptive patron in the audience. Members of Audience Services and our Health, Safety and Security Team responded immediately and asked the individual to exit the auditorium. After approximately 30 minutes, the person was peacefully removed by police and the performance continued. The staff who responded to the incident believe it was an unplanned, isolated event, and unrelated to any safety protocols the theater has required of its audience members. We greatly appreciate the care our staff demonstrated in handling the situation, and thank the audience for their the patience and support."

Refunds were offered to anyone who didn't stick around for the show.

Anyway, happy Saturday. Christmas, as well as billions upon billions of COVID particles, is already in the air.

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