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This Week in Local Music: Iranian-American Fusion, a Local Wrestling Jam, and Flip Political Rock

Nothing left to say! I said it all in the headline!

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Aida Shahghasemi is at the Cedar tonight.

It's been a few (or more) weeks without this allegedly weekly local music roundup, but I hope that's just got your appetite whetted for what we've got this week. Read away!

The Farsi-ing Vision of Aida Shahghasemi

I’m a little late to the Aida Shahghasemi train, but I’m glad I caught up with the music of the Iranian-born Minnesotan singer/songwriter before her album release show at the Cedar tonight. She’ll be showcasing her third release, Chashmandaaze Rooydaad (a.k.a Event Vista), which came out on August 1. Shahghasemi sings in Farsi, and her compositions, which either set Persian poetry to original tunes or showcase her own lyrics, combine Western ballad melodies with elements of Persian music for a true fusion.

Marla Khan-Schwartz had a nice talk with Shahghasemi in Sahan Journal earlier this week that provides some more context for the musician’s work. Sahghasemi came to the U.S. with her parents when she was 13, and later studied psychology and anthropology at the U of M, focusing on the “cultural aspects of Persian Classical Music and the restrictions imposed on the voices of Iranian female vocalists.”

In addition to Shahghasem’s far-ranging voice, the album is highlighted by Nima Hafezieh’s lyrical piano countermelodies and all-star sideman Jeremy Ylvisaker’s atmospheric guitar lines. Tonight, though, Shahghasem will simply be accompanied by Hafezieh and cellist Jacqueline Ultan, whose accompaniment on the album is lovely. More info on tonight’s show here.

A Lil AEW Local Angle for You Wrestling Fans

When All Elite Wrestling’s “Quake by the Lake” comes to Target Center (not technically near a lake) next Wednesday, fans will get a little snippet of local music along with the spectacle. DJ and musician Chaz Kangas, now pulling down duties at the Current, worked on the new entrance theme for Johannesburg-born wrestler Angelico. Kangas collaborated with AEW’s in-house producer Mikey Rukus on "Voel Die Vibe Vandag,” which the wrestler debuted last week. My own wrestling knowledge is pitiful, so rather than weigh in critically here I’ll hand it over to YouTube user “John Suave,” who comments, “This is legitimately perfect for Angelico. It works absolutely brilliantly with his chill dance to the ring.”

Choose Your Nashvillians Wisely

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Nashville? The latter city is where Flip Nashville's Alex Snow resides, but he'll be here with the rest of the locally based quartet-turned-quintet to showcase their new EP, Choose Your Villains Wisely, at the Entry on Wednesday. On the band’s second release, new guitarist Mike Green adds range to the sound forged by founders Alex Smith, Dan Klauer, Nick Spielman, and Adam Szczepaniak, his wide-ranging run often functioning as both hooks and solos. It should sound plenty big in the Entry. The chipper rock belies the depth of the political lyrics, which follow the EP’s titular advice, and touch on the murder of George Floyd. Locals Friend Dog and Lazenlow open, and you can find more info on the show here.

Other Reasons to Leave Your House

Every week, I round up as many local shows as I can in this here complete concert calendar, but that’s just a list. Let’s add a third dimension to this local music coverage with some reminders of a few shows worth keeping on your radar. Oaks, the duo of Erica Krumm and Jim Kolle, will be playing a tape-release show at the White Squirrel with Scrunchies and Loud Sun on Saturday. (Have you been to the Squirrel yet? Sweet little spot.) The Von Bondies’ Ska Prom returns to Palmer’s on Saturday, and I can’t think of a bigger treat or fans of ska, proms, the Von Bondies, Palmer’s or, for that matter, Goodbye Malachi, who’ll be joining them. (We’re also promised “more,” and who isn’t a fan of that?) Oh, and dance event NightChurch celebrates its “Anniversary Blowout” (again on Saturday!) at the Uptown VFW with a lineup that includes DJ Mickey Breeze, Keith Millions, DJ Michael Grey, and Dat Man RJ, as well as performances by JIJA, ESSJAY, Averell Genius, and Infinity Suite. If you want a busy weekend, there’s one to be had out there.

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