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U of M

Let’s Talk About the Weird U of M Replacements Photo Situation

Fragile Zoomers spooked by cigs? "Respectfully deaccessioned"? Photographer Daniel Corrigan's famous shot of the band inside Coffman Memorial Union is gone, causing a stir among very online 'Mats fans.

Egg-Spensive Sandwich Grips Local Twitter

Plus questions about the interim U of M prez, Golden Valley gossip, and sinkholes as tourist traps in today's Flyover.

Wanna Buy Dreamland Arts? It’s Got a Tunnel.

Plus the worst argument against legalization yet, a stalking suspect is ousted, and bear video season begins in today's Flyover.

Unicorn Riot Can’t Livestream via Twitter, ‘Perhaps Permanently’

Plus positive U of M updates, dog influenza closes shelters, and KinhDo kicks it in today's Flyover.

A U of M Reporter Explores BORG, the Latest Binge-Drinking Craze

What the hell is it? Why is it everywhere? How dubious are the health claims? What should I name mine?

What We Know About the Death of Khalil Ahmad Azad

Plus Frey eats fries, where Gophers drink, and a bit of local music history for sale in today's Flyover.

Guess What’s Not Happening This Year

Plus a Ward 8 challenger, a reason to tax the elderly, and the U spies on its students in today's Flyover.

Chase to North Minneapolis: Thanks, But No Banks

Plus gun control in MN, the U dumps Tom Bakk, and dogs lose jobs in today's Flyover.

The U of M Quietly Killed the ‘Paint the Bridge’ Tradition

The decades-long ritual of student groups painting the Washington Avenue Bridge officially ended in 2021.

January 13, 2023