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Wanna Buy This ‘City Cabin’ in the Heart of South Minneapolis?

The itty-bitty home is being advertised as a 'one-of-a-kind mountain retreat'... that happens to be blocks from Matt's Bar.

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The mountain lifestyle near Minneapolis’s famously flat Powderhorn Park.

We've heard (very recently, via Google) of Colorado's Powderhorn Mountain Resort... but what about a mini mountain-style lodge located in south Minneapolis's Powderhorn neighborhood?

Great question, and one that emerged (very recently, via Zillow) with an answer: 3436 17th Ave. S., the one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 713-square-foot-home that just hit the market for $250,000.

"Welcome to your 'City Cabin,' right in the heart of the incredible Powderhorn Park neighborhood!" exclaims the listing copy, which bills the single-family house as an exciting condo alternative. "You will adore the feel of a one-of-a-kind mountain retreat with the convenience of close proximity to Matt's Bar, May Day Cafe along with multiple nature areas!"

Highlights inside the 1907 construction include original hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, a new wood stove, updated HVAC including a tankless water heater, and "treehouse allure" up the freaking wazoo. That price point might be a tough sell, given the limited square footage and lack of a garage, but a full unfinished basement could be refinished for bonus space, plus: just look at this lil cutie!

We still have some questions. Like, for instance, who envisioned and executed the very tasteful and cool remodel?

Since we didn't hear back from the listing agent, we're left to speculate based on visual cluses like, for instance, the curious patriotic barbershop chair on the porch, the surplus computer monitors, and the nice Red Wing-ish boot collection. The current owner scored the place for $225,000 almost three years ago, according to county records. (Update: A Racket reader almost immediately tipped us to the fact that Tommy “Hurl” Everson, the founder of Cars-R-Coffins, sold the ol' city cabin before relocating to Portland, Oregon, in '21; Angry Catfish owner Josh Klauck, who owned the property before Everson, apparently masterminded the remodel.)

Based on the square footage, 3436 17th Ave. doesn't qualify as a tiny house, though its smaller stature and alley-side location fits the south Minneapolis "back-of-lot" phenomenon that's explored in great detail here by the Strib's Nancy Ngo. The gist: "Those [early 20th century] homes were intended to be temporary with the intent that a more permanent home would be built closer to the front of the lot... Then the original home would either be demolished or perhaps in some cases turned into the garage of the home," says Jason Wittenberg, manager of code development with the city of Minneapolis.

Let's take a photo tour courtesy of the MLS listing:

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