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POLL: Who Will Racket Disappoint First?

It's all downhill from here.

7:45 AM CDT on August 18, 2021

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“I gave these losers my credit card number?”

Over the past few weeks, we at Racket have been floored by the amount of goodwill (and, even better, money) that has flowed our way from people who want to support alternative journalism in the Twin Cities. 

But that was the easy part. As long as our publication was just an idea that you could project your own hopes upon, there was nothing but love. Like Heaven, Racket could be whatever you imagined it to be.

Now, in the words of the great Minnesotan right-wing Twitter troll Hercules Kevin Sorbo, expect to be 

Time for us to write the stories that annoy you. Time for us to leave out the points you consider important. Time for us to not write the stories you think we should. 

And time, yes, for a poll. 

Let’s have a little self-deprecating opening day fun here and try to anticipate who will be the first people to say “I expected a lot more from Racket.”

Jacob Frey? Kirk Cousins? The guy who always used to leave a puke emoji in City Pages’ Facebook comments?  

No, none of those folks probably expect much of us. But the following people might.

    • St. Paulites
    • Twitter leftists
    • Your band
    • People who write f**k with asterisks
    • Density bros
    • The metro's (estimated) 150,000 PR professionals
    • People who liked City Pages "before it got political"
    • Our families
    • Ourselves
    • Let’s face it, pretty much everyone

Guess which of these groups will be the first to click “close tab” with disgust. Then vote HERE to be part of history.

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