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New Black-Owned Northeast Pizza Shop Hit by Suspected Arson

Plus Winston Smith's case files are released, a MN car dealer makes John Oliver's car commercial, and more changes in Uptown in today's Flyover.

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Fire and Slice

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you about Slice—the Black-owned Northeast pizza place that was finally set to open after years of work? Just few short weeks after their big ribbon cutting, the New York-style pizzeria is closed again after being hit by a suspected arson Tuesday. "Someone set fire to our building, but luckily we have a local fire station one block from our restaurant," co-founders Adam Kado and Hosie Thurmond wrote on Instagram. "This is truly a heavy blow but will only fuel us more to build and come back even stronger!" If you want to help out, there's a GoFundMe to help get Slice up and running again ASAP.

Winston Smith Case File

After the Crow Wing County Attorney announced earlier this month that there would be no charges in the killing of Winston Smith, The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has released most of its case file on the shooting. In it? More than 1,000 pages of documents, plus audio and photos—no dash or bodycam video yet. Meanwhile Smith's family has called for an independent investigation into his June shooting death by a U.S. Marshals Service task force.

He Doesn't Even Go Here

You know Mickey Moore—the guy the Strib's Editorial Board endorsed in Minneapolis's Ward 9 race despite longstanding questions about whether he lives in Minneapolis at all? On Tuesday, the Star Tribune's reporting side followed up on the "scrutiny" he's facing with regards to his permanent address. Moore says he's been renting in the Ninth Ward since March, knowing that candidates for office must have "maintained residence" in that district for 30 days before the election. But as for where he actually lives? Well, he owns a house in the Eighth Ward... and a house in Anoka County, about 40 minutes, give or take, from the ward he'd represent if he won. "I'm not going to uproot my entire family for the campaign," Moore told the Star Tribune. "After we win, my family and I will find a place permanently [in the Ninth Ward]."

John Oliver: Local Car Dealership Ad Copywriter

John Oliver? We like him. In the Letterman tradition, he giddily raises a middle finger to corporate interests, including those that own his show, and has an obvious soft spot for the ironically absurd. On Sunday's web-exclusive clip of Oliver's Last Week Tonight, the British comic revisited his issue with the boilerplate, pickle-centric fashion in which local car dealership ads are constructed. To remedy this creative blight, Oliver offered to script an original ad—on condition it be executed line-for-line. Amazingly, Zumbrota Ford took him up on the offer a couple months back. You can watch the finished product, which will air on actual TV around Goodhue County, later this week. 

Uptown is Dead, Again

Well, dead in a retail sense, anyway. We spent 24 hours there this summer, and found it to be very much alive. But if you venture to Lagoon and Hennepin in search of a pair of pointy, brightly colored, high-heeled Mary Janes? Well, now you're SOL. After 10 years in the kinda weird location right by the Uptown Theatre, the John Fluevog store is out. "Fluevog Minneapolis and the absolutely marvellous team of staff there have been serving the good Fluevogers of Minnesota and beyond," the website announcement states. "We will always carry with us the many memories, friendships and shoe dreams that were made within those walls."

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