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Play Racket Bingo at the Minnesota State Fair! 

Are you up to the challenge?

11:10 AM CDT on August 23, 2023

Rachel Quast

It’s hot as hell out there right now—it must be time for the fair! Starting Thursday, Minnesotans will be making their way to the fairgrounds for 10 days of well-organized chaos. And not just human Minnesotans: annoyed llamas, native plants, housed butterflies, local fishes, ribbon-winning hogs, and disoriented chickens will be present as well.

And, hopefully, you'll be there too! Look, everyone in town is going to be telling you what to do at the Great Minnesota Get-Together this week, and that includes Racket. (Stay tuned for our new food review on Friday!) But this bingo card is less of a guide, and more of a challenge. Some of these are easy (looking at you, food on a stick), some require a little planning (get ready, panty throwers), and some are kinda hard (witnessing a birth is all about timing and not having just eaten). 

We hope this bingo card—which was beautifully crafted by local artist Rachel Quast—helps you discover some new fun while also revisiting your favorites. And we also hope you play along: folks who send in their “bingos” by the end of the Labor Day weekend will automatically win our admiration, but also, this is a chance to win some prizes. (If you come to our birthday bash this Saturday at Fair State Brewing in northeast Minneapolis, we'll have copies of the bingo cards printed out for your convenience.)

Here’s how to possibly win fabulous prizes:

  1. Go to the fair and complete a bingo line.
  2. Post your “winning” card on Instagram or Twitter. Be sure to tag @racket_mn for Insta and @racketmn for Twitter! 
  3. Profit! We’ll be picking winners at random at the end of the fair. Prizes will include State Fair memorabilia plus Racket stickers, koozies, and T-shirts.
Rachel Quast

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