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Friday Open Thread: Expert Level

Hey Racket readers, let's talk about what you're good at.

Rita Morais via Unsplash

A fun thing I did this week, if you haven’t already seen it, was talk to three knowledgeable Beyoncé fans about her career and particularly about her latest album, Renaissance. (Before you ask: No, I didn’t make it to the concert last night. After I didn’t get press tix I thought about shelling out for a ticket anyway, but I was feeling a little spent so I stayed home. Before you ask: Yes, I regret it.)

It was the kind of entertaining, enlightening conversation I love being a part of, even if it's mostly as a listener. One reason I became a critic, after all, is that I think it’s valuable for everyone when people who know what they're talking about express why they love the things they love. (And hate the things they hate, and are ambivalent about most of the rest—but that's a topic for another day.)

So, my question for Racket readers today: What do you consider yourself an expert in? What can you either expound upon in detail, or what craft or practice do you excel at? No self-deprecation allowed. The whole point here is for you to gas yourself up.

Or talk about whatever you want. Like I always say, this is your thread, not ours.

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