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Holiday’s Over, Back to Your Complete Concert Calendar: July 5-11

Pretty much all the live music you can catch in the Twin Cities this week.

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Howdy, Pardoner. (Bet no one has said that before.)

Good news (for me): I forbade myself from doing any work after closing my laptop on Friday because, uh, that's what George Washington would have wanted or something. Bad news (for you): I haven't had as much time to comb this week's listings for highlights as usual. But there's still plenty here to keep your eyes a-peeped for.

Wednesday, July 5

Jack Barrett and Charlie Bruber @ Aster Cafe

Dylan Salfer @ Bunkers

Matt Yetter @ The Commons

FLOWTUS @ Como Park Conservatory

Maggie's Wednesdays: Tom Hunter @ Crooners

Jearlyn Steele: The Music of Celine Dion @ Dakota

The Dissenters, Stone Ark, Northern Highs @ Driftwood

Miss Shannon @ Eagles 34

Civil Serpents, Vin, Honduh Daze, Flower Vase Cut @ Eagles 34

Kinda Fonda Wanda @ Eagles 34

Bryson Tiller @ Fillmore

Fever Candlelight Concert @ Granada

Monica LaPlante, Pearl Earl, POPSTAR, Extraterrestrials @ Green Room

Genevieve Heyward, Natalie Fideler @ Icehouse

Mamas Ignite Collective @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

The Craig Clark Band @ Minnesota Music Cafe

K.O. Luv, Linnea's Garden, Mortiholics, Michael Moore @ Mortimer's

Karaoke Crime Scene @ Palmer's

Harold’s House Party on KFAI with the Ya Ya Boys @ 331 Club

  • Etran de L’Aïr with Douala Soul Collective @ Turf Club—There’s no shortage of Tuareg “desert blues” available to US listeners—Bombino and Mdou Moctar may not be household names, but anyone with a passing interest in African rock has heard them jam. And as far as touring African musicians go these days, you’re as likely to catch a Saharan guitar-slinger on a local stage as you are a Malian kora-meister or even an Afrobeats pop star. No, wait, stay with me here. Even if nothing I’ve written so far makes a lick of sense to ya, anyone who likes electric guitars and propulsive grooves—not a small audience, right?—should check out Etran de l’Aïr. With their great 2018 debut, No. 1, this Niger family band secured their place among the premier practitioners of blues Saharan rock, with its circular melodies, triumphant ululations, and flashy improvisations. Their 2022 followup, Agadez, was even more impressive—a bit more virtuosic, the rhythms less choppy. On the album at least, they’re much less Hendrix-y than popular fave Moctar, but we’ll just have to see where their guitars go when they cut loose live.

Tula Vera, Fine Dials, Labrador Wild, & Jacket @ Underground Music Venue

Áit Ait w. Mountain Loney @ White Squirrel

Thursday, July 6

Foxby with Ray Gun Youth and Mik Cool @ Amsterdam

Taylor James Donskey + Michael Gay @ Aster Cafe

Jay Bee & the Routine @ Bunkers

Margaret Glaspy @ Clown Lounge

Matt Herzog @ The Commons

Tanner Taylor Trio With Jake Baldwin @ Crooners

Jimmy Martin and Drew Jansen @ Crooners

Sophia Shorai @ Crooners

Peter White @ Dakota

Showpony, Creekside Ruffians, Pyroscene @ Driftwood

Karaoke with On Call Entertainment @ Eagles 34

Salsa Dancing @ Eagles 34

Fever Candlelight Concert @ Granada

The Honest Heart Collective, Of The Orchard, Silver Warehouse @ Green Room

Jeremy Ylvisaker and Martin Dosh @ Icehouse

Derecho @ Icehouse

Dirty Lowdown Fools @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Cactus Blossoms, Barbero @ Minnesota Zoo

"Knockturnal" with Greenery @ Palmer's

Mama's Broke, Bad Posture Club @ 7th St Entry

Northeast Invitational @ 331 Club

Summer Girls: A Boy Band Tribute Without the Boys @ Turf Club

Flamingos in the Tree, Silver Cup, & Present Company @ Underground Music Venue

Anothernight with Cult Sequence, Mistake Universe @ White Squirrel

Friday, July 7

OURS with Chris Mercer and Damien Musto @ Amsterdam

Scent Reality @ Aster Cafe

Alex Rossi @ Bunkers

Debbie Briggs Vintage Jazz Combo @ Crooners

Tony London: All Shook Up - The Music of Elvis Presley, 1956-60 @ Crooners

Orkestar Bez Ime @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow: Jennifer Grimm, Rick Carlson @ Crooners

The Belfast Cowboys @ Dakota

The Fontanelles, Manifest Content @ Driftwood

The Hot Toddies @ Eagles 34

Giving up the Ghost, Speedbilly, Mommy Sez No @ Eagles 34

The Deep End Series @ Eagles 34

49 Winchester with Wyatt Flores @ Fine Line

  • First Avenue's Rock Lottery @ First Avenue—Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise. For Rock Lottery, First Ave has gathered up 25 local musicians (it’s quite a crew, including rapper Student 1, Kerry Alexander of Bad Bad Hats, versatile sideman Jake Hanson, and a whole lot more), and tonight at The Depot (7 p.m., if you're interested) they'll be drafted into five different bands. Each group will then have 48 hours to whip up a set of new material for Friday's show. The results could be a mess. They could be brilliant. They could be a brilliant mess. In any case, this exercise in forced collaboration seems worth checking out.

Shawn Phillips @ Fitzgerald Theater

Charanga Tropical @ Granada

DNM Party #2 @ Icehouse

Shawn Wang @ Jazz Central

Reasonable Doubt with Skalectric Company @ KJ’s Hideaway

Red Hot Django Peppers @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Ookay @ The Loft

Jazzicality @ Loring Park

Southern Resident Killer Whales @ Minnehaha Bandstand

R - Factor @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Los Dos Carnales @ Myth Live

Wayne Marshall @ Northrop

Rich Mattson & The Northstars With Manias @ Palmer's

Foxby, Jacket and Little Lizard @ Palmer's

Amythyst Kiah with Luke LeBlanc @ Parkway

The Right Here @ Pilllar

Kiltro with KFAI's Radio Pocho DJs @ 7th St Entry

Torment X Archea X Safe Space X Your Last Breath @ Studio B

The Gated Community, Emmy Woods and the Red Pine Ramblers @ 331 Club

  • Pardoner and Scrunchies with Gash @ Turf Club—"So long as the music plays, we have no choice but to dance." Max Freedman declares on "Are You Free Tonight?," shortly before deciding to pop a pill. There's plenty on the San Francisco quartet's new Peace Loving People for indie old-timers and youth who think they swiped part of their style from Parquet Courts alike. It's unkempt and slack, artily mistuned, with vocals spoken, shouted, or drawled with just enough of that "do they mean it or not" quotient necessary for their anxious diffidence to work. Messages include "Which losers today tomorrow will win?," "I got so much left to lose," and "I hate the players and the game." Local faves Scrunchies and Eau Claire-spawned indie experimentalists Gash open.

Private Oates & Heartless @ Uptown VFW

Jim Walsh & the Dog Day Cicadas @ Water Works

Heavy Presents Full Tilt Boogie Pre Party 2023 with Corey Medina and Brothers @ White Squirrel

Saturday, July 8

O.A.R. & Cory Wong @ Armory

Cindy Lawson with Linnea’s Garden @ Aster Cafe

  • Summer Haus Party @ Bauhaus Brew Labs—Get ready for an alliterative good time thanks to Bauhaus Brew Labs and Backyard Boombox. At this “Haus Party,” they’ll have DJs Proppa (Chicago) and Nolephant (Eau Claire) plus a long list of local artists: Tommy Hill, Cyber Kinetic, Alvin Stone, Contribe, Immersa, Bok Choy Boi, Stereogo, odd fashioned, Pearlescent, Davilla, Elle, and Skanr. There’ll be beers and seltzers, of course, and they’re dialing up the energy by partnering with Eklipse Production to create a “festival-style atmosphere with mesmerizing sound and lighting.” (Sounds like maybe a THC seltzer is in order?) Think Bauhaus’s Liquid Zoo Art-A-Whirl shows, dialed up even further. 

Chase and Ovation @ Bunkers

Erin and Jay Cabaret: The Music of Carole King and James Taylor @ Crooners

Tony London: All Shook Up - The Music of Elvis Presley, 1956-60 @ Crooners

Ginger Commodore and Friends @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow: Rick Carlson with Dorothy Doring @ Crooners

The New Standards @ Dakota

Fab Hackmasters, Tiny Traces. Rank Strangers @ Driftwood

Sensor Ghost, Spit Takes, Dummy, Time Room @ Dusty's

Mean Magic, Moy Dukksen, Rebecca Fritz @ Eagles 34

80s vs 90s with DJ Dave Paul and DJ Marco @ First Avenue

Geminii Dragon, Lonesome Dan Kase @ Granada

Crush Scene (EP Release), River Sinclaire, Ginny & the Fizz @ Green Room

GRRRL SCOUT: July Queer Dance Party @ Hook and Ladder

Gypsy Mania Hot Club @ Icehouse

Kevin Gamble Trio @ Icehouse

  • Dylan Hicks and Small Screens, Shane Leonard, Space @ Icehouse—By the time this show starts, Hicks and his sextet will already have much of their follow up to last year's Airport Sparrows in the can. The group's recording some new and "collaboratively arranged" material in the two days beforehand, this'll be your first chance to hear the new stuff, with trumpeter Elaine Burt, trombonist JC Sanford, and saxophonist Bryan Murray joining them.

Todd Marcus @ Jazz Central

The Johnny Sincerely Orchestra @ KJ’s Hideaway

Toivo Hannigan Quintet with Ella Grace 5tet @ KJ's Hideaway

Minneapolis POPs @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Yultron @ The Loft

The Good, the Bad, and the Funky @ Minnesota Music Cafe

The Rockford Mules, Martin Devaney @ Mortimer's

Unattractive Giant Monster, Butter Boys, Surly Grrly and Loss Leader @ Palmer's

Blood Driver, Home Team Quarterback and Casual Disasters @ Palmer's

Craig Paquette & The Spartones (Album Release) With Thunderheads and Caitlin Nicol Thomas @ Parkway

Cafuné with Oftener @ 7th St Entry

Saywecanfly @ Studio B

Twin Citizen, Samantha Grimes, Loser Magnet @ 331 Club

Voltage Controller @ 331 Club

Deerhoof with Products and Upright Forms @ Turf Club

Atomic Lights, A Sunken Ship Irony, Lulu & the Shoe, Witch Hunter General @ Underground Music Venue

Faun Fables with the Kind City @ Uptown VFW

Transmission @ Uptown VFW

Mary Jam with the Scratch-Offs, JACKET, Ray Gun Youth @ White Squirrel

Caitlin Robertson & Alex Sandberg with Sabyre Rae @ White Squirrel

Sunday, July 9

Vctms with Prison, Waste, Weeping Wound, Common Choir, and Wakefield @ Amsterdam

Swing Brunch with Patty & the Buttons @ Aster Cafe

Airlands @ Aster Cafe

Dr. Mambo’s Combo @ Bunkers

Rainy Days and Mondays: The Music of The Carpenters @ Crooners

Hornucopia: Connie Evingson and The Tanner Taylor Quartet @ Crooners

Reza Khan Featuring Jennifer Grimm and Friends @ Crooners

Ginger Commodore Presents: The Music of Tina Turner @ Dakota

Phine Friends, Shotgun Ragtime @ Driftwood

Robinson Roundup @ Eagles 34

Rogue Tango @ Eagles 34

Twin Cities Country Dancers @ Eagles 34

Karaoke with Reina Starr @ Eagles 34

Counterparts with Like Moths To Flames, Boundaries and Omerta @ Fine Line

Dessa @ Hewing Hotel

Red Hot Django Peppers @ Icehouse

Diaspora feat. Desdamona, Kouzen, DJ Sir Maro, Just Yoni @ Icehouse

Saddle Sores @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Minneapolis POPs @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Inhuman Flourishing (EP Release) @ Mortimer's

Cornbread Harris: Church of Cornbread @ Palmer's

West Bank Social Club @ Palmer's

The Dust of Suns (Album Release) @ Parkway

Oister Boy with Present Company and Killed By Kiwis @ 7th St Entry

Bejalvin with Rural Internet, Stomach Book, & Crash Blossoms @ Underground Music Venue

Tyler Haag, Matthew Day, Dan Henney @ White Squirrel

St. Paul Songwriter Rounds @ White Squirrel

Monday, July 10

Charlie Parr @ Dakota

Acoustic Jammers @ Driftwood

Tango Desperados Practilonga @ Eagles 34

Other Country Ensemble @ Eagles 34

Twin Cities Queer Contra Dancing @ Eagles 34

We Are the Union, Catbite and Kill Lincoln with J. Navarro & the Traitors @ Fine Line

Brandon Commodore (Monday Residency) with B23 Organ Trio, Kavyesh Kaviraj @ Icehouse

Roseville Community Band @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Bluewater Kings Showcase @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Auto-Tune Karaoke @ Mortimer’s

Cowaoke with Ben Moooker @ Palmer's

Slayvannah with Benjamin Poss, Athereal Rose, Swofford @ 7th St Entry

The Roe Family Singers @ 331 Club

Matt Arthur Contraption @ 331 Club

My Cousin Dallas @ Water Works

Mumblin’ Drew’s Oldfangled Orchestrators Monthly Residency @ White Squirrel

Chef Sounds (DJ Night) @ White Squirrel

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