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17 Very Good Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Your Dog

Could you argue that this is really only one costume? You sure could.


In a high powered, executive-level business meeting earlier today (suits, ties, corner offices, massively inflated salaries, etc.), the owners of Racket found themselves riffing on dog puns for famous artists. (The Star Tribune's Halloween Pet Costume Contest winner kicked all this off.)

Then we said to ourselves: Why let this incredible #content languish forever in the chat? Why not give The People access to this truly inspired list of potential last-minute canine costume ideas?

All you need is a pup and a paintbrush, folks.

Check it out, here's my dog...


And here's my dog "in costume."

Pensive! Mysterious! (Don't worry he got a treat for this lol)

I mean, he's no Lucy, the 9-year-old Excelsior puggle who took home Strib gold with her take on Van Gogh's "Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear." But my, what an improvement!

There are any number of artists your own pup could be cosplaying:

    • Labrador Dali
    • Frida Howlo
    • Henri Maltese
    • Jackson Paw-lick
    • Similarly, Paw Cezanne, or Paw Gauguin (Paw-guin?), or Pawed Monet
    • Pablo Pugcasso
    • Georgia O'Leash
    • Leonarfdo
    • Bark Rothko
    • Rene Magruff
    • Edvard Munch (needs no workshopping, just bring treats)
    • Francisco G'Boya 
    • Rrrrrrrrrrembrandt
    • Ai Woofwoof
    • Melchior d'Houndecoeter

OK these are really getting out of hand. That's it from the Racket Brain Trust everyone, but please do leave your own ideas in the comments (paw-ments).

Happy Howl-oween! Stay safe! Go for the king-sized bars! Goof responsibly! And don't forget to check out our list of every single freakin' Halloween event we could find in the Twin Cities.

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