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Weed Weviews: 4 Things I Tried in June

This installment features a floral gummy, a riff on Sex on the Beaches, more Abyss trips, and a non-brew from Broken Clock.

Welcome to Weed Weviews, a verbal foible that’s become the very real name of this monthly column. Think of it like our Doin’ Beers series, but for weed. This month I revisited a few brands with new flavors, a beer company dabbling in THC, a super-can of weed, and a stoner cocktail. Alright, let's do this!

Baja Ontario’s Kiwi Hibiscus Gummies

About: This Minnesota-based company sell edibles ranging from rich chocolates to fruity-sweet gummies. (The Citrus Cooler Juice Box Gummies are still one of my favorites.)

Flavor: Florals are dangerous flavors to play with. Too little and it feels like false advertising, too much and you’re eating perfume. But these little buddies nail it. I don’t know that I would be able to guess the exact flower or fruit in these via a blind taste test, but I do get a real nice sense of floral and exotic citrus notes, ending with a nice dankness—exactly what I wanted. Also, the packaging is kawaii as fuck and I’m here for it.

Blast-off time: About 30 minutes. 

Experience: Strong! As you can see, I’ve been dabbling more with seltzers and sodas these days, but nothing beats the precise reliability of a gummy. I know when these will hit and how they will affect me.

Stoneover? Not really, just hard sleep.

Minny Grown’s Sex on the Sandbar

About: “The Minny Grown story starts in the small farming community of Cannon Falls, Minnesota, where our family has been cultivating the land for over 100 years," reads the company website. (These guys also make another one of my favorite gummies in town: Peach-of-a-Day.)

Flavor: OK, I’m not really a tropical cocktail gal—I like ‘em fine, but I’m in Minnesota, you know? So I had to look up what this can’s namesake, Sex on the Beach, is made with: vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice. Yeah, I think Minny Grown got it right, though I would say this is more of a fruit-punch concoction with a note of peach at the end. Think Hawaiian Punch for an adult palate. This is a nice little mocktail in a can, and the eye-catching art design is adorable.

Blast-off time: Around 20-ish minutes. 

Experience: Unlike a tropical drink, Sex on the Sandbar doesn't really sneak up on you, and the high is very light and pleasant. These petite cans aren’t going to knock you on your ass, and sometimes that’s just what you want. 

Stoneover? Naw.

Abyss’s THC Infused Fruited Seltzer

About: It’s time for round two with these previously reviewed guys: Abyss fruited seltzer is made by Wooden Ship, an absolutely adorable neighborhood brewery on the southwest side of Lake Harriet that also serves up a nice variety of beers.

Flavor: This little buddy is nice and light. Imagine mixing a pineapple LaCroix with a mango LaCroix. Crazy!

Blast-off time: 30-ish minutes.

Experience: OK, so... this half can is supposed to be two servings. There’s even a little serving guideline on the side:

I very much doubt people are going to follow that guideline; I even tried to pour a serving to get a sense of how feasible the marker is to use. I mean, I guess you can do it, but it’s going to be very approximate. That said, fuck guidelines! I drank the whole damn can and had a blast. Gummy lovers, this may be the sure-thing bubbly for you. It’s easy to drink, it’s easy to pack if you’re camping, it’s easy to pop into a purse if you want to bring one to a party. 

Stoneover? Nope. just good sleep.

Broken Clock’s Sparkling Water with THC

About: Broken Clock Brewing is a cooperatively owned beer company operating that has operated outta northeast Minneapolis for the past eight years. Like many beer makers, they’re starting to dabble in THC bubbly.

Flavor: I gotta admit I was initially drawn by the packaging; I picked a few of these up over at NA bottle shop Marigold because the cans look so pretty! If you like flavored sparkling water you’ll like these guys. The white can is a bubbly orange cream that whispers “sherbet” as it’s going down while the pink can is lemon forward with a strawberry aftertaste. Neat.

Blast-off time: More like an hour? 

Experience: Very light! With some THC bevvies you’re gonna play a waiting game, and I think that’s OK. These are not for folks looking to blast off. The sheer volume of these cans—16oz, which is more than a can of LaCroix—means you are consuming the 5mg at a slower rate. If the Abyss is a shot of vodka, then these are a crushable beer. There’s a time and place for both. 

Stoneover? Nope!

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