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Weed Week Grand Prize Contest: Draw Minnesota… ON WEED

The total grand prize? Worth almost $1,300!

Various free clip art sites

Wow: Can you believe Weed Week is almost over? We've had trippy, goofy, and even informative fun during this week of weed-related programming, sponsored by Baja Ontario, and we've got a doozy of a contest to cap it off.

We're asking readers to submit original art of Minnesota landmarks, celebrities, landscapes, icons, catchphrases etc. but with a weedy twist. We're talking tie-dyed Paul Bunyan with a blunt-smokin' Babe; Spoonbridge & Cherry through a Ralph Steadman lens; the skyline being scaled by Grateful Dead bears... those are just three incredible ideas off the dome. Get creative, have fun with it! Submit your entry—created via the medium of your choosing—digitally to by late afternoon on Sunday, October 30.

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself: Yeah, yeah, yeah, what's the goddamn grand prize package, bozo?

First off, ouch, I have feelings, too. Secondly, the piece of art we deem supreme will entitle its creator to a 12-month subscription to Baja Ontario's Mixed Triple Baja Box—aka $1,044 worth of premium, MN-made edibles. But wait, that's not all! Our winner will also receive two year-long Racket subscriptions at the Accomplice tier, a value of up to $240. Every entry will be paraded across our website next week for the aesthetically zooted enjoyment of all. (Must be 21+ to enter.)

Sound good? Get creating, you locally angled THC freaks!

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