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The Grammys Have Reached a New Low

Plus the Bad Man #rememberthe90s, new Longshot and Lazerbeak and … the best new bands?

Nick Greseth/DK Tong|

Durry and Vial will play First Ave’s Best New Bands show on Jan. 7, 2022.

Welcome to the pre-Thanksgiving edition of our weekly local music roundup. This is all good stuff you should hear, see, and know about.

Is Low’s Hey What the “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical” of 2021? Sure, Why Not?

If 25 years ago, someone would have told me or you that Low would be someday be nominated for a Grammy, I don’t know what we’d have said. Maybe something like “The Grammys? This is the ’90s, man, and we’re too cool to care about that corporate shit. Don’t you ever bother us while we’re ironically listening to Esquivel ever again.” And then we’d make a joke about Bob Dole talking about himself in the third-person. Different times.

Fortunately we are all less cool now and so we can just be happy that Low’s great 2021 album Hey What (does the title make anyone else think of the beginning of Madonna’s “True Blue”?) has been nominated for an engineering award. Congrats also to engineer BJ Burton (who has previously been nominated for his work with Bon Iver). As a longtime Low appreciator rather than fan, I was personally happy to embrace this new work fully, as I went into a little here.

Low’s competitors in the category are the Marías’s Cinema, Yebba’s Dawn, Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga’s Love for Sale, Pino Palladino & Blake Mills’s Notes With Attachments. I’m guessing Bennett and Gaga will win because they’re famous? I don’t know, I’m lousy at Grammy predictions. (I just wanted to mention Gaga again as an excuse to my review of House of Gucci.) In conclusion, yes, giving awards to art is a goofy concept, but “money” is a pretty goofy concept too, and in both cases wouldn’t you rather have some than not?

Longshot and Lazerbeak Will Spread the Love on Friday

As always, Thanksgiving weekend will be just as stuffed with great live music as such famously stuffed things as a Thanksgiving turkey and a person who has just eaten a Thanksgiving dinner. Just look at those listings below for Friday and Saturday, willya? Something there will suit your taste. So while it feels odd to zero in on just one dish from such a table of goodies, like saying “I am ONLY eating the green bean casserole this year!” frequent collaborators Longshot & Lazerbeak deserve the attention. The Chicago-bred MC and the Doomtree producer will mark the early November release of their new album, Spread Love, at the Entry on Friday, joined by Jus Justice, Ms. Lakesha, Mo Bluntz, Kat Luna, and Taylor Ray. The album itself is a half-hour of soulful production, triumphant horns, and righteous rhyming that’s positive without being corny. Go celebrate.

The Bad Man Releases Good Video

I personally am too old to be a “90's Kid.” (I was a “90's Man,” I guess, which sounds kind of gross.) But I’m not too old to groove to the way raucous guitars and saxophones compete for space with Peter Memorich blurting “I am the kid selling drugs in the jungle gym” on the Bad Man’s new song, “90's Kid.” (I am old enough to know better than to use a phrase like “to groove to,” but let it stand!) The black and white video, directed by Patrick Pierson, shares the same rough and tumble energy as the song, with the band’s eyes concealed behind spooky white-lensed glasses. This is our first taste of a 2022 EP, Flying Couch. The Bad Man are (is?) also a great live act, and they’re at Mortimer’s tonight, taking part in the last night of Cole Diamond’s November residency at the Whittier hang.

Are These the Best New Bands?

First Avenue has announced the lineup for its annual Best New Bands show in January, which as always offers a bit of a scenester cheat-sheet. And they are good bands, even when they’re not actually bands. You’ve read interviews with the TikTok-jump-started Durry and the not-at-all-vile VIAL in Racket already. (We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt.) And I raved recently about papa mbye. The rest of the lineup consists of genre-straddling performer EVV, the folk-jazz-bossa-nova-pop group Honeybutter, the Liberian-American fusion artist Kokou Kah, and Duluth singer-songwriter Sarah Krueger’s new project Lanue. A good reason to leave your house in January.

And now, your weekly concert listings.

Wednesday, Nov. 24

Above & Beyond @ Armory

MN Songwriter Showcase hosted by Nick Hensley @ Aster Cafe

Louis Armstrong Night w/ Southside Aces @ Dakota

The Ike Reilly Assassination with Monica LaPlante and Mae Simpson @ First Avenue

Drinksgiving with ELnO and DJ Time Machine @ Hook and Ladder

Humbird with Freaque @ Icehouse

The Bad Man, Ian Valor, King Brown, and Cole Diamond @ Mortimer’s

Drunksgiving Brass Bash!! with The Brass Messengers and Brasszilla! @ Palmer’s

Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin? @ Part Wolf

Durry with Faith Boblett and theyself @ 7th St Entry

Nikki and the RueMates @ 331 Club

Graveyard Club with Sam Cassidy and EVV @ Turf Club

Nights with Tim @ White Squirrel

Thursday, Nov. 25

Thanksgiving with Jearlyn & Jevetta Steele @ Dakota

The Front Porch Swingin’ Liquor Pigs @ Palmer’s

Friday, Nov. 26

Grayscale with girlfriends, Cemetery Sun, and Young Culture @ Amsterdam

Tim Mahoney @ Aster Cafe

Nachito Herrera @ Dakota

Cult Vibes - Let's Celebrate | Album Listening Party & Dōjō Birthday @ Falling Life Brewing Company

Milky Chance @ Fillmore

Night Moves with Josh Sky and Free Music @ Fine Line

Gear Daddies with Miles Nielsen @ First Avenue

Dave Simonett with bnsn rmsy @ Fitzgerald Theater

Candlelight Soul: Aretha Franklin & the Sound Of the Sixties @ Grenada Theater

The Scarlet Goodbye (feat. Daniel Murphy and Jeff Arundel) with Butter Boys, Low Rats @ Hook and Ladder

FPA and Soubrette @ Icehouse

"Black Friday Blues" Featuring Detroit Don King and the Catfish Troy Blues Band @ Palmer’s

April Fools (album release) with Turn Turn Turn @ Parkway Theater

TV Moms, Warcake, Wish Wish, the Cold Casuals @ Part Wolf

Toussaint Morrison (album release) with Lewiee Blaze and Channah Roseann @ 331 Club

Longshot & Lazerbeak with Jus Justice, Ms. Lakesha, Mo Bluntz @ 7th St Entry

Who Are They? with Kinda Kinky @ Uptown VFW

Larry June @ Varsity

Repeat Bias with Battery Eyes and Trash Catties @ White Squirrel

Saturday, Nov. 27

Scalise @ Amsterdam

Mother Banjo, Ben Cook-Feltz & Anthony Ihrig @ Aster Cafe

Beverly Savarin & Adi Yeshaya Presents: Covers @ Dakota

The Cactus Blossoms with Under Violet @ First Avenue

Angelette Duo @ Grenada Theater

THANKS! with Smokin’ Joe, DJ Elswhere, Brandon Pulphus, Earth to Clark, MC Animosity @ Hook and Ladder

Sue Orfield and Mary Louise Knutson @ Icehouse

Trench Size Trio @ Icehouse

Diane & Forefeathers Rage Against the Machine @ Icehouse

Run Westy Run, the Sex Rays @ Mortimer’s

The Extraterrestrials, Little Lizard and Silver Jews Tribute Band @ Palmer’s

AirLands (EP release) with Courtney Hartman @ Parkway Theater

Alexander 23 with Max Leone @ 7th St Entry

Ricky Montgomery with Laufey @ 7th St Entry

North Innsbruck, Night Audit, Lucy In Disguise @ 331 Club

Tommy Stinson with Lydia Liza @ Turf Club

DecaDance @ Uptown VFW

Sudden Rush with Ka Lia Universe @ Varsity

Elour with Boots & Needles @ White Squirrel

Sunday, Nov. 28

RiGBY, Alien Book Club, and Haze Gazer @ Amsterdam

Swing Brunch with Patty and the Buttons @ Aster Cafe

Craig T. Olson @ Aster Cafe

Windham Hill’s Winter Solstice @ Dakota

Beach Bunny with miloe and Why Not @ Fine Line

Red Hot Django Peppers @ Icehouse

Erin Peisert & Dear Friends, Craig Hill @ Icehouse

Nightchurch @ Icehouse

Cornbread Harris’s Church of Cornbread @ Palmer’s

Sapsuckers, Elour @ Palmer’s

Frozen Soul and Sanguisugabogg with Vomit Forth and Innoculation @ 7th St Entry

Monophonics with Rudy De Anda @ Turf Club

Heddwen, Bad Posture Club, Andy Ulseth @ White Squirrel

Monday, Nov. 29

Leo Kottke and Dave King @ Dakota

Twin Tribes with Wax Lead + Mayland (Dark Energy) @ Hook and Ladder

glass beach with Home Is Where, Floodwater Angel and Ready Ready @ 7th St Entry

The Roe Family Singers @ 331 Club

Matt Arthur and Friends @ 331 Club

Tuesday, Nov. 30

Leo Kottke and Dave King @ Dakota

The Aces with the Beaches @ Fine Line

Cody McKinney Residency @ Icehouse

November Conspiracy Series featuring Francis Emil Johnson, Pit Stop, Andrea Leonarnd, David von Schlegell @ 331 Club

Bela Fleck @ State Theatre

Preoccupations and Metz and Facs @ Turf Club

Trevor McSpadden & Mary Cutrufello @ White Squirrel

Wednesday, Dec. 1

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit @ Armory

MN Songwriter Showcase hosted by Nick Hensley @ Aster Cafe

Leo Kottke and Dave King @ Dakota

24kgoldn @ Fillmore

City and Colour with Lucie Silvas @ Fitzgerald Theater

Maria and the Coins, Leslie Vincent Band @ Icehouse

Sunset with Blue Ox and Trita @ 7th St Entry

“KFAI House Party Presents” Boots and Needles @ 331 Club

Radio 5 Watt Presents @ 331 Club

Ben Noble with Aldrich and St. Anthony Mann @ Turf Club

Thursday, Dec. 2

Polo G @ Armory

The Minneapolis Songwriter Rounds @ Aster Cafe

Delta Rae with Thunder Lily @ Fine Line

Cornbread & Friends Holiday Blues Show @ Hook and Ladder

Her Crooked Heart and Friends @ Icehouse

Tabah, Prints, Martin Dosh (DJ Set) @ Mortimer’s

The Front Porch Swingin’ Liquor Pigs @ Palmer’s

Mechanix with DJ Odi @ Part Wolf

SeeYouSpaceCowboy with Greyhaven, Vatican and Wristmeetrazor @ 7th St Entry

Total Gaze @ 331 Club

Dopapod @ Turf Club

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