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Meet the Tattoo Artist: Taylor Sue at Bee Tattoo

This Northfield-raised artist uses a stippling technique to create gorgeous flora and fauna.

Meet the Tattoo Artist: Jun Osaki at Jackalope Tattoo

This Japan-born artist specializes in intricate linework, blocks of color, and negative space.

Meet the Tattoo Artist: Ashley Dahl of Black Sheep Tattoo and Art Collective

This St. Paul artist loves lady faces, skulls, and flowers, and chooses colors carefully.

Meet the Tattoo Artist: Allie Moon of the Present Tattoo Parlor

This Minneapolis shop owner specializes in intricate blackwork.

Meet the Tattoo Artist: Jordanne Le Fae of Weird Ink Society

This St. Paul tattoo artist specializes in pop-culture, candy colors, and sparkle.

Meet the Tattoo Artist: Emi Nijiya of Jackalope Tattoo

Their south Minneapolis shop is home to a variety of female, queer, trans, and non-binary tattoo artists.