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See the Locally Angled Weed Art Our Readers Created

One artist scored a prize package valued at almost $1,300, but you're all winners, to us.

11:08 AM CDT on October 31, 2022


Wow: Hard to believe Weed Week is in the books. A hearty, heartfelt thank you to our buds at Baja Ontario for sponsoring the heady week of far-flung THC content.

Before we fully close the chapter on the trippiest week in Racket's short history, there's the matter of awarding the fabulous Weed Week grand prize valued at almost $1,300: 12 months of Baja Ontario edibles plus two Racket memberships. For entry into the contest, we asked readers to submit original art of Minnesota landmarks, celebrities, landscapes, icons, catchphrases, etc.—but with a weedy twist.

Our esteemed marijuana art jury debated late into the smoky night, eventually arriving at this Mary Tyler Moore-inspired masterpiece from Athena Currier.

Athena Currier

Congrats! We can't imagine a better way to spend the next calendar year than stoned outta your gourd and consuming limitless Racket content.

"An expertly crafted meta-commentary on the sociopolitical implications of quasi-legalization, conveyed through an unmistakable pop-culture lens," wrote one jury member. "MTM's conservative personal politics serve as a winking, ironic foil to the celebration of cannabis culture." Added another: "The TV lady is on weed lol." Interestingly, recently departed Hollywood great Ed Asner once told High Times that The Mary Tyler Moore Show writing room really hit its stride when writers started getting zooted on weed. “I’m sure they did [smoke pot]. We got the best work out of them," said Asner, who supported legalization and was, generally speaking, a true comrade.

Below, you'll every other entrant into the Week Week grand prize giveaway. Thanks to all the weed artists who contributed!

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