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The All-Hockey Hair Guy Made a State Fair Hair Video

TGIF, enjoy some sick flows.

4:51 PM CDT on September 10, 2021


John King, narrator/creator of the annually cherished "All-Hockey Hair Team" videos, teased retirement in 2019.

But, like fellow erroneously retired greats Jay-Z and Lil Wayne before him, the force behind YouTube channel Game On! Minnesota kept cranking out the hits, including 2020's FLOWVID-19 edition and this year's Arby's-sponsored vid. On Friday, King expanded his hair-gazing horizons beyond the ice arena.

"This year had me wondering if the fair had a super power," he wonders aloud in "Minnesota State Fair All Hair Team," North Star State accent dripping like honey. "And maybe I could marry the two things I love the most: hair and the fair."

And that's exactly what King did. We won't be the Poochie to your Itchy and Scratchy any longer, blocking passage to the fireworks factory: Here's that sweaty, gorgeous State Fair hair.

Happy Friday. Thanks for supporting Racket.

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