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Confirmed: Loon Deli on Lyndale Is Closing at the End of the Month

RIP to a Southside staple.

an exterior shot of the loon deli sign at night

Sad news for fans of cheap, greasy, delicious gyros, burgers, and chicken in Minneapolis's Whittier neighborhood: The Loon Deli is closing. A Duluth-based Racket reader sent us a tip this morning, which we've since been able to confirm.

"End of an era," he wrote.

Now, the confirmation isn't airtight, but it met our food blog editorial standards: I called the Loon Deli, introduced myself, and asked whether the closing rumors are true. They are, said a man who we'll identify as Mr. Loon. (He declined to provide his actual name.) The adjoining smoke shop at 2501 Lyndale Ave. will remain open, Mr. Loon said, though the deli will shut down by the end of the month.

Locals aren't taking the news well:

The Loon Smoke Shop/Loon Deli is owned by Ahmad Al-Hawari, who also owns several other convenience stores throughout the city. Al-Hawari has been a vocal opponent of restrictions on flavored tobacco, as is his professional duty. Perhaps, by closing the Loon Deli, he'll devote more real estate to selling Minnesota's freshly legalized THC products.

I wish we had more details about the beloved deli's closure, but Mr. Loon clearly didn't want to talk. So just tearfully enjoy this strange, deep-cut video of the Loon cookin' up "The GREATEST Gyro Of All Time."

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