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Loads of Local Rap and the Only Kylie That Matters in This Week’s Tuesday Morning Playlists

5 great new local songs, 5 great new national songs

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Welcome back to our weekly playlists, where I share the best new music I've heard—usually on a Monday. And if all goes well, it'll be back on schedule next week.

Local Picks

Blu Bone, “Wicked Womb”

The local rapper put out a fine EP last week, and this title track is the standout. He calmly asks “Tell me, is it enough room? In this wicked womb?” repeatedly, then “womb” turns into “woo!” In the chorus. Playful and haunting—a killer combo.

Dom Mooney, “Missed Calls”

With its pronounced backbeat and marimba-like synth, this isn’t the only keeper from Mooney’s new Good to See You, but it’s my favorite. And at 1:54, you’re left wanting more at the end. 

Oaojooo, “Pronouns”

I’ve been catching up with Oaojooo’s seven-song EP, Savory, and this track about others trying to guess the rapper’s gender jumps out with its chorus of “she, her, he, him” and the declarative “I tell you what I am though/ Long hair, good dick, and that means I’m a man, hoe.” 

Parachutes, “Someone Else”

Ryan Kemp voice’s starts out muffled, then peeks out from the clouds as the song jangles to life. Call it bedroom pop that leaves the door open in case some friends stop by.

Student 1, “Crooked Aid”

“Thought you was the aid/You was a detriment/In disguise”—it’s the way he pronounces “a detriment” to echo aid that keeps me coming back. 

National Picks

Margaret Glaspy, “Act Natural”

Idiosyncratic guitarist Glaspy attempts to keep her cool as she describes a new object of her adoration in ecstatic hyperbole, and fails. At keeping cool that is—the song succeeds.

Kylie Minogue, “Padam Padam”

The thing with a talent as fizzy as Kylie’s is you never know when the sugar high is gonna just evaporate and when it’s gonna get your sweet tooth jonesing for more. Anyway, that’s my excuse for not playlisting this one already. 

Monaleo - "Ass Kickin'"

“Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!” And that’s just the start.

Sweeping Promises, “You Shatter”

I’ve mostly had my fill of neo-retro-postpunk 2.0, but yes, of course I’ll make time for Pylon fans who sing like the B-52’s. (Maybe that’s just my fancy way of saying they’re not British—or Anglophiles.) 

WITCH, “Waile”

This Zambian band is a little crowd-pleasy for my tastes—they sound like they’ve always got one ear on what’ll get your culturally aware parents dancing. But this track digs in a little deeper than their norm, with heavy guitar breaks and a darker mood.

Wanna get a local song considered for the playlist? To make things easy on both of us, email with MONDAY PLAYLIST in the subject header. (Don’t, as in do NOT, DM or text: If I’m in a good mood, I’ll just ask you to send an email; if I’m in a bad mood I’ll just ignore it.)

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