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Let’s Take a Ride Through the Replacements’ Minneapolis

Plus a local "Voice" contender, a music school's sad fate, and lotsa local show listings.


All day, all night, all music television with the Replacements.

Seen their video?

Sorry to be all HEY!!! REMEMBER THE REPLACEMENTS, MINNEAPOLIS??? on a Friday morning, but it’s not often we get a new video for a song recorded 40 years ago by a band that broke up 30 years ago. “Takin’ a Ride” is a visual cheat sheet for the Mats’ Minneapolis, as Jon Clifford of HiFi Hair & Records chauffeurs his pup Fred through the city in his '63 Pontiac Catalina convertible passing landmarks (many long gone) from the group’s heyday, like the Let It Be house and Peter Jesperson’s apartment building. There are also cameos from Kevin Cole, Steve McClellan, Mary Lucia, and Anita and Lonnie Stinson (Bob and Tommy’s mom and sister). Directed by Eric Kassel, the vid serves as a promo for the expanded four-CD (and one-LP!) Rhino reissue of the band’s debut, Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash, which arrives two Fridays from now. (That’s October 22.) And after all, the Replacements were alway big fans of the music video as an art form.

Minneapolis singer Libianca has got The Voice

If you’re a regular viewer of the televised singing game show The Voice—and who isn’t? (I’m not)—you don’t need me (a person who, as we’ve established, does not regularly watch the show) to tell you about 20-year-old Minneapolis singer Libianca. But if you don't know her, the locally sourced contestant impressed the show’s celebrity panel this week with her version of SZA’s “Good Days”—despite Ariana Grande’s enthusiasm, Libianca picked Blake Shelton as her Voice coach. On Shelton’s latest album, Body Language, he sings the lyric “I thought your sex was the best that I'd ever known/But now I don't” and a song called “Corn” that is about corn.

Newly opened north Minneapolis music school closes

Well, that’s a shame, to put it mildly. After just one month, the Minneapolis School of New Music, a tuition-free north Minneapolis charter middle school with a music-immersive curriculum, has shut down, apparently due to pandemic-related staffing shortages. “We simply do not have the staff to continue our academic program,” said school founder Bart Johnson on the school’s website

Ladies and gentlemen… a great new Twitter account

OK so this isn’t “local” at all (unless you count Harry Dean Stanton introducing the Replacements, and I’ve already mentioned them once today, so that’d be cheating) but I love “SNL Hosts Introducing the Musical Guest” (@snlhostsintro), this newish Twitter account that, yes, shares clips of Saturday Night Live hosts introducing the musical guests. (And I should say, as American institutions go, I value SNL about as highly as the Electoral College.) What’s fun about it is that no one knows exactly how this introduction should be made, so you get the grandest theatrical flourishes and the oddest straightforward understatements. How did the FCC allow George Foreman to say “Hole” like that? Who even is the pretty lady who introduces Missy Elliott and why does the way she says “and Magoo” make me want to marry her? When were Swans on SNL? Huh? Oh… Zwan, lol. OK, here’s the Replacements intro. 

And now, here are those local show listings we promised you.

Friday 10.8

YYY, the SuperModels, c.Kostra @ Icehouse

Dark Energy presents: Wingtips, Choke Chain, Bloody Pink, DJ Dazzle @ Mortimers

Them Coulee Boys, the Lowest Pair @ Parkway Theater

Connie Evingson & Ginger Commodore w/ Sanford Moore @ Dakota

Saturday 10.9

Jaedyn James with the People Brothers Band, Freaque, DJ queenDuin @ Hook and Ladder

Gentleman Speaker, Porcupine, The Bad Man @ Icehouse

Good Doom (EP release) @ Mortimers

Demo Live Music Stage with Of The Orchard, Umbrella Bed, John Magnuson Trio , Wyblue Matt Caflisch @ Open Streets Lyndale

KFAI Presents "Live From Minnesota" with Maria Isa, Wannabianca, Siama @ Palmer's

Sunday 10.10

The Trappestines, CHNNL, and Wish Wash @ 7th St Entry

Maygen & The Birdwatcher @ Icehouse

Monday 10.11

Jake Baldwin Residency featuring LA Buckner and Big Homie

Tuesday 10.12

Pete Kogan’s Monsterful Wonderband @ Icehouse

Wednesday 10.13

Peter Himmelman @ Dakota

Dave Mehling (cassette release) with Val Son @ Icehouse

Birdhole, Canada Goose, Sarah Kayfes, Northbound Giants @ Part Wolf

Thursday 10.14

Billy Peterson/David Hazeltine/Paul Peterson @ Icehouse

Cindy Cane, TABAH, Wannabianca, Shush @ Mortimers

Want your show listed here next week? Email with the details.

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