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Everything We Know About Kacey Musgraves Buying a Massive Head at Hunt & Gather

The six-time Grammy winner was determined to get a deal.


A Hunt & Gather worker assists Musgraves with her new head.

Kacey Musgraves kicked off her "Star-Crossed: Unveiled" tour Wednesday at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center with great success, but first the pop-country star had some shopping to do. Hunt & Gather, the delightfully sprawling south Minneapolis antique shop, enjoyed a surprise visit from Musgraves, and owner Kristi Stratton was happy to spill the deets. Here's a comprehensive rundown of the celeb shopping spree.

Stratton didn't know who Musgraves was

“What’s funny is, we didn’t know who she was. My daughter, who’s in New York, someone messaged her and she was like, ‘You didn’t know?!’ I have 40,000 songs in my music library, but not one of her’s. But yeah she’s a big deal, as I’m reading now.”  

Musgraves and her (apparent) boyfriend were ‘nice and normal’

“She was very nice and normal, not, ya know, acting cool or whatever. She was with, we think, her boyfriend; he was protective but nice, standoffish.” 

She bought a whole lotta stuff in 45 minutes...

“She bought a smaller statue, this big head, a sheep-skin blanket thing, plants, and a bunch of books. It was just a pleasant thing. We didn’t know until she left that she was something.” 

...Including a fuckin' enormous head sculpture...

“It’s huge. We have one outside permanently in our garden area. It’s new, I get it from a company, and it’s resin but it’s fairly lightweight. You can manhandle it fairly easily even by yourself.”

…That she haggled over!

“We had it marked $750, and she wanted it for a discount [laughs]. It’s like, wait a second: You’ve won six Grammys, but whatever, it’s cool. So she got it for $675.” 

The head fit in her large, black vehicle

“They were in like a limousine, SUV-ish type service. Big and black. But the head fit in there!” 

After Musgraves left, Stratton checked out her music

"My daughter loves ‘Golden Hour.’ It’s kind of Taylor Swift, soft rock, country, pop rock… I’m not a huge fan of that, but I’d never say that to her [laughs]. I have a really eclectic mix of music on at the shop, every genre just to please everybody.”

It’s unclear how Musgraves discovered the shop

“I’m a chatty Kathy, I would have asked her all kinds of questions, specifically that, but I didn’t know who she was.”

Musgraves is pretty

“A very pretty person, but also a person that kinda looks like a lot of other pretty people, ya know? Not normal-ish, but kinda.” 

And she isn’t the only celeb to visit Hunt & Gather

“We’ve had Sheryl Crow, Frances McDormand, Sally Struthers, Paul Westerberg from the Replacements. Love that, because I love the Replacements, and he hates antiques but he comes through once in a while. Marcia Brady–Maureen McCormick.”

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