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It’s Not Fall Yet and Here’s Your Friday Open Thread

Time for you talk about whatever you want to talk about here on Racket.

9:43 AM CDT on September 8, 2023

Ricardo Gomez via Unsplash|

It does NOT look like this outside.

Well, here we are, firmly into September, Racket pals. So what should we talk about this fine not-technically-yet-Fall Friday?

I got nothing particularly topical on my mind, so why don’t we all check in on our cultural consumption these days? I’ll go first. 

Books? I just finished R.J. Smith’s smart, grueling Chuck Berry, the unsparing biography of a genius whose life and actions it’s always painful to learn more about. I also enjoyed Elif Batuman’s novel Either/Or, a funny collegiate novel if you don't mind the company of Ivy League kids.

Movies? As I mentioned in this week’s movie listings, Em and I saw Bottoms on Labor Day, and we laughed and laughed. The epitome of “run me over with a truck” horniness, with throwaway jokes about second-wave feminism, it's self-conscious about teen movie tropes without dipping all the way into parody. I was also knocked out by Alcarràs, about a Catalonian farm family whose landlord kicks them off because he wants to—warm, funny, visually striking.

TV? I’m trying to stay in the moment and enjoy each new episode of Reservation Dogs, but every week I’m dreading the end of the series in a state of anticipatory mourning. I was excited to remember that there’s a new season of How to With John Wilson the other day, but I started watching it while eating dinner and the first episode was about finding a public toilet so I had to put that off. I’ll be back!

As for music, the new Olivia Rodrigo is sounding great this morning, but you don’t need me to tell you that. But have you heard Noname’s Sundial? She’s about my favorite thing in rap right now and she’s coming to First Ave next month.

Of course, as you probably don’t even need me to add here anymore, you can of course ignore everything I’ve had to say and just post about whatever’s on your mind.

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