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Important Friday Open Thread Question: Can You Breathe?

It's time for you talk about whatever's on your mind, Racket pals.

The air in Minnesota seems to be clearing up some after a smoggy, smoky week. But it was not pleasant, and that seems like an obvious starting point for our open thread discussion this week.

The lousy air also makes me want to mention something I'm kind of evangelical about. Have you ever gotten allergy shots, or thought about it? I have and I gotta say it changed my life. Before I did, there were days when I simply could not function and others when I was simply disgusting to be around. Now I rarely if ever suffer more than a couple sneezes and my eyes no longer look like Rocky's going into the 15th round.

Of course, this open thread is, as always, a place where you can gab about whatever you want. Feel free to ignore my health advice or the gross air completely and talk about what's on your mind.

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