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Guess Who’s Coming to the Bde Maka Ska Pavillion?

Plus more 'election fraud' lies, Mike Freeman wakes up, and deer are not recyclable in today's Flyover.

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Welcome back to The Flyover, your daily midday digest of what local media outlets and Twitter-ers are gabbing about.

Pimento on the Lake

You'll be seeing a lot of Pimento Jamaican Kitchen on Bde Maka Ska this summer—and we're not talking about the bright-red food truck. Last night, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board committee voted to confirm the Eat Street Jamaican favorite as the vendor for the rebuilt pavilion! Construction on the concessions pavilion and plaza to replace the building that burnt down in 2019 started this May and will continue throughout the year; the plan is to debut the new buildings next summer. "See you summer 2023! Oysters and Red Stripe anyone?" Pimento posted in a celebratory Instagram, to which we can only say: Hell yeah.

Crockett’s Husband Calls for ‘SWAT Team’ on Election Day

Well, we can see why she married him. Marty Probst, the husband of paranoid/duplicitous GOP Secretary of State candidate Kim Crockett, is calling for an all-out (and maybe armed?) response to likely imaginary irregularities on election day. “If you’ve got friends or family or whatever in sheriff’s deputies or sheriffs—we need them on Election Day,” Probst declared on October 6 at a meeting of the Liberty Tea Party Patriots, according to the Minnesota Reformer. “That’s part of the SWAT team to get out when certain places don’t follow the rules that they’re supposed to.” The game plan here, obviously, is to lay the groundwork for frivolous lawsuits by encouraging freaks with no awareness of election law to provide blurry cellphone pics and “evidence” of wrongdoing like “I saw some Somalis walking toward a van.” Expect a lot more of this manufactured controversy if Minnesota is dumb enough to vote for Crockett. 

Only Took Mike Freeman Two Decades to Follow Federal Law

Lame duck Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, who’s only been on the job for 14 years, is taking last-minute action on his office’s long standing laxity about enforcing the federal requirement that prosecutors hand over evidence that’s favorable to the defense, according to the Minnesota Reformer’s Deena Winter. Such “Brady evidence,” named for the landmark 1963 Supreme Court decision Brady v. Maryland, includes incidents where a police officer has a history of lying in court or battering civilians—misconduct that, believe it or not, occurs with some frequency right here in Hennepin County. An April report from the Minnesota Department of Human Rights found “systemic failure” in providing that information.

Freeman stopped short of calling for the creation of a “Brady list” of credibility-challenged cops, as defense attorneys have been lobbying for. According to Winter, “Freeman wrote that it’s his office’s job to ‘always do the right thing,’ and he expects the same from ‘any and all criminal justice partners with whom we work,’ i.e., police departments.” Which, lol, gimme a break. Hennepin County Attorney candidate Mary Moriarty has called for such a list, while her opponent, Martha Holton Dimick claims to be “considering it.”

No, Your Deer Carcass is Not Recyclable

What the fuck is going on out in Otter Tail County? Because apparently a PSA about not putting animal body parts and bloody cardboard in the recycling bin was necessary. "Deal with your own deer head so they don’t have to," the county pleads. Bring Me the News has the full list of things not to put in your recycling (Limbs! Heads! Hides!), because apparently recycling centers turn into that horse head scene in The Godfather during hunting season.

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