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Everything We Know About Racket’s Small Biz Saturday Blowout Sale

'Tis the season for unbridled commerce.

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We pass savings onto you by processing every sale through vintage typewriters. Helps save on fees!

Synergy. E.O.D. deliverables. Calling PowerPoints "decks." 

These are just some of the business concepts Racket's four owners learned and mastered when we transformed from mere journalists to journalists/business owners this past summer. Now, summoning all that newfound biz acumen, we’ve concocted what many are calling the ultimate Small Biz Saturday sale: A full year of Racket membership at the luxe Accomplice tier plus one T-shirt and two koozies for the low, low price of $100. 

Is it a deal worth trampling your fellow man to acquire? Yes. But given the digital nature of our operation, everyone can safely enjoy this sale with a few merry clacks of the keyboard.

Click here to claim it.

Other Accomplice-tier perks include: unlimited pageviews, commenting privileges, bonus newsletter, early event info/access, merch discount, and participation in our monthly Ask Racket reader Q&A.

Racket’s so-called Small Biz Saturday Blowout Sale only lasts through Saturday, so act now. Our independent, local newsroom is 100% writer-owned, and we depend on reader memberships.

Happy holidays and thank you for supporting Racket. Gobble, gobble, etc.

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