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Enjoy This Week’s Open Thread. I’m Going on Vacation.

It's your weekly chance to yak about whatever you want here on Racket.

9:25 AM CDT on May 12, 2023

Yang Wewe on Unsplash

OK, I'll actually be around for the rest of the day. But then I'm out all next week. I'm not going anywhere nearly as warm as the photo above suggests. That's just what the free photo supplier Unsplash gave me when I searched for "vacation." (I'm headed Up North—perhaps a little early in the season.)

But enough about me! Do any of you fine Racket readers have travel plans for the summer you'd like to share? Or anything else you wanna talk about? As always the Open Thread is all about you.

OK, Harris out. In the immortal words of Jodie Foster...

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