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Dumpling is Closing

Want to take their place? Shoot 'em a DM.

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A sign from happier times (2016)

Oof, this one hurts: Dumpling just announced this'll be the last weekend you can get their fun and funky Asian fusion at 4004 Minnehaha Ave. (Or anywhere else.)

"Since I’ve become a father I’ve been forced to do some soul searching, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the grind of running a restaurant is no longer in personal alignment with how I want to spend my days," chef/owner Bunbob Chhun wrote in a Tuesday Instagram post.

Tough to be mad at that!

Dumpling opened in 2016 after popping up around the Twin Cities for a few years. It's been a bright spot in Longfellow since—literally, thanks to its colorful teal paint job, and figuratively, thanks to its incredible and inventive menu of globe-spanning comfort food.

On a personal note, it was one of the first places I ate after I moved to Minneapolis and was the first place I ever played dominoes, thanks to a Six Dot Domino Bar pop-up. Now I play dominos pretty much every week! They were always hosting clever little events—anyone remember The Dumpster? The dumplings were delicious; the specials were truly special. I'll miss you most of all, green curry.

"I’m extremely proud to be ending on a high-note, and I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to see this dream through," Chhun's post continues. "I don’t think I can begin to express how much your support has meant over the years, especially during the pandemic. Dumpling has truly become a community space, and it’s been an honor to serve y’all. I’ve grown and learned so much."

The Instagram farewell is already filling up with well-wishes and we'll-miss-yous from Dumpling diners and fellow Minnehaha Avenue businesses including All Square and The Dripping Root.

"Doing what is best for you is always the best choice at the end of the day," Dripping Root's comment reads. "Six years is an incredible run that’s something to be super proud about!!"

If you want to say your goodbyes, Dumpling will be open this Thursday through Saturday from 3 - 8 p.m. for one last hurrah.

And if you want to open a restaurant? Shoot Dumpling a DM: "I would love to be their landlord," Chhun says.

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