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Don’t Blame Us—We Voted for Your Complete Concert Calendar: November 7-13

Pretty much all the live music you can catch in the Twin Cities this week.

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Scrunchies, Ben Kweller

Sorry, this week's calendar is a bit under-annotated. Feature deadline + dumb cold = less time for me to dig into what's going on. Not to be all Tom Sawyer offering you a chance to paint my fence or nothing, but feel free to scour the listings below and share what you're most excited about in the comments.

Tuesday, November 7

International Reggae All Stars @ Bunkers

Israel Fernández & Diego del Morao @ Dakota

St. Dominic's Trio @ Driftwood

Karaoke With On Call Entertainment @ Eagles 34

  • The Hotelier and Foxing with Emperor X @ Fine LineHuge news for folks who claim “being sad” as a defining personality trait: This month, Foxing’s gorgeous debut The Albatross turns 10, and in February, The Hotelier’s genre-defining sophomore record, Home Like Noplace Is There, will turn 10. What better way to re-traumatize a generation than by having the pair of emo (used loosely here) powerhouses play their groundbreaking albums in their entirety for a 10th anniversary celebration? If you have tickets, start steeling yourself now for the crushing experience that will be hearing these two unrelenting records back to back.

Kevin Gamble Trio @ Green Room

Holy Hannah! with Dark Pony @ Icehouse

Bill Simenson Orchestra @ Jazz Central

Chris Webby @ The Lyric

Bluewater Kings @ Minnesota Music Cafe

DJ Vegan Water @ Palmer's

Mating Ritual with Loviet and Zippo Man @ 7th St Entry

Eptic @ Skyway Theatre

Industrial Strength with DJ Sin @ Terminal Bar

Worker’s Playtime with Pop Wagner @ 331 Club

November Conspiracy Series featuring ELOUR, Joan of Profile, Cold Sweat @ 331 Club

Tired Eyes @ Turf Club

Two Steppin’ Tuesdays with DL4, Blair Krivanek, Clare Doyle @ White Squirrel

Unattractive Giant Monster (Tuesday Night Residency) with Ruben, Mccrd @ White Squirrel

Wednesday, November 8

MN Songwriter Showcase hosted by Nick Hensley @ Aster Cafe

A Chill Wednesday @ Bryant Lake Bowl

Dylan Salfer @ Bunkers

Maggie's Wednesdays: Lori Dokken @ Crooners

Omara Portuondo @ Dakota

Miss Shannon's Swing Night @ Eagles 34

The Bad Companions @ Eagles 34

Deer Tick with Abby Hamilton @ Fine Line

Big Tasty with Willie Waldman Project @ Hook and Ladder

Ross Clowser Duo @ Icehouse

Enormous Quartet @ Icehouse

Wind Up Wednesday Walter "Q-BEAR" Banks, Jr. @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Willow Waters (Residency) with Brunette and Vapo Rub @ Palmer's

Car Spiders @ Pilllar

Connor McRae Trio @ Schooner Tavern

Lorena McKennitt @ State Theatre

Freight Train @ Terminal Bar

Harold’s House Party on KFAI with the Paul Barry Blues Band @ 331 Club

Stephanie Was, Whale in The Thames @ 331 Club

Polar Red, Ghostmade Cellophane, and Lost Evidence @ Underground Music Venue

Molly Maher & Her Disbelievers @ White Squirrel

Jeremy & The Lords of the Universe with Splimit, Drug League @ White Squirrel

Thursday, November 9

DJ Sci-Fi @ Acadia

Eli Gardiner + Dan Schwartz @ Aster Cafe

Jay Bee & the Routine @ Bunkers

Another Heaven, Time Room, Curve, Modern Wildlife @ Cloudland

Rue and Sabien @ Crooners

Leslie Vincent and Zippy Laske @ Crooners

Del McCoury Band @ Dakota

U2 Zoo TV Project Tribute @ Driftwood

Raintribe @ Driftwood

Karaoke with On Call Entertainment @ Eagles 34

LGBTQ+ Twin Cities Latin Dance @ Eagles 34

Victor Wooten and the Wooten Brothers @ Fine Line

Reckoning Crew (R.E.M.), Trompe Le Monde (Pixies), Rattle and Hum (U2) @ Green Room

Riley Skinner (Album Release) with Rabeca & Hemma @ Hook and Ladder

Joan of Profile + The Grippy Socks @ Icehouse

Paul McCoyer's KJ Garret Quartet @ Jazz Central

Kinda Fonda Wanda @ KJ's Hideaway

No Limits: The B Side @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Smiling Cowboys @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Orchestra Spotlight @ Orchestra Hall

The Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs @ Palmer's

Waif Magazine @ Pilllar

About a Boat @ ROK Music Lounge

Doug Collins & the Receptionists @ Schooner Tavern

Meltt with Killed By Kiwis @ 7th St Entry

Wednesday 13 @ Studio B

Madelyn Rowell, Rachel Geurtin, Poison Ivy!, Nicholas Walz @ 331 Club

The Brevet with Harbor & Home @ Turf Club

The Monday Club @ White Squirrel

November Ninth Noises with Eric Carranza @ White Squirrel

Friday, November 10

FULL OF HELL with END, INTER ARMA, and WAKE @ Amsterdam

Theory of a Deadman & Skillet @ Armory

Mwago Kuria + Rachel Bearinger @ Aster Cafe

EMEI @ Bar Fly

Alex Rossi @ Bunkers

Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn @ Cedar Cultural Center

Ghost Kitchen, the Briefly Gorgeous, Baltic Avenue, Neighborhood Watch, Saffron Dealers @ Cloudland

Tertiary Dominant @ Crooners

Vic Volare @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow: Dorothy Doring and Rick Carlson @ Crooners

Tina Schlieske @ Dakota

Cosmoline @ Driftwood

The Deeper Kind @ Driftwood

Mechanix @ Eagles 34

Steve Clarke & the Working Stiffs @ Eagles 34

The Deep End @ Eagles 34

  • Ben Kweller with Mason Jennings @ Fine LineHere’s the fun news: Kweller, an indie-rock lifer who occupies a warm, nostalgic place in the hearts of many millennials, will be performing his breakout out album, the grunge-pop classic Sha Sha, in its entirety to commemorate that album’s 20th anniversary. (Remember when Kweller’s old band, Radish, were billed as the next Nirvana?) Here’s the unspeakably sad news: Kweller’s 16-year-old son, Dorian, was set to open for his dad before dying in a freak car accident earlier this year. (Texas Monthly wrote long on the tragedy this past September.) Not really sure what to say after that… if you like Sha Sha, go support the grieving artist behind it. Minnesota’s own Mason Jennings opens; in the obit for Dorian, Kweller mentions that Jennings’s music was playing in the New York City delivery room where his son was born. 

Chris Renzema with Jess Ray @ First Avenue

José González @ Fitzgerald Theater

  • Scrunchies, Black Widows, Theyself @ Green RoomAs you may have heard, Racket is sponsoring the Sound Unseen Music + Film Festival this year, so we'd be remiss in not highlighting this great triple bill of live music, at a club you know you've been meaning to check out.

Chatham Rise, Muun Bato, Lumari, Wild Lyre @ Hook and Ladder

Superfloor, The Changeups, and Sabyre Rae Band @ Hook and Ladder

Sen Morimoto with KINFU @ Icehouse

Hammond B3 Night with Pierre Lewis @ Jazz Central

Hector Anchondo @ KJ's Hideaway

Ticket to Brasil with Quatro Bossa Nova @ KJ's Hideaway

Ravenscoon @ The Loft

The Good, the Bad, and the Funky @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Tacklebox, Gentleman Speaker, Pool Boy, Porcupine @ Mortimer's

62nd Annual Marching Band Indoor Concert @ Northrop

Orchestra Spotlight @ Orchestra Hall

Night Jobs, Oister Boy, and TimIsaRocker @ Palmer's

Solo La Noche: Deep Organic House @ ROK Music Lounge

Bag Men @ 7th St Entry

We Still R with Maurice Jacox @ Schooner Tavern

Faster Pussycat @ Studio B

Sammie Jean & the Moonshiners @ Terminal Bar

TV for Dogs (Single Release), The Envies, Total Gaze @ 331 Club

Puma Blue with Dweller @ Turf Club

Angel Du$t, Candy, Bib, 9 Million, & Popstar @ Underground Music Venue

13 Arrows, Trading Faces, and Indecent Proposal @ Underground Music Venue

Mustard Plug with Something To Do, Space Monkey Mafia, Lost Island Society @ Uptown VFW

Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks @ U.S. Bank Stadium

Half Moon Run @ Varsity Theater

My Kid Banana @ White Rock Lounge

KC McKee with Trash Catties, Unguided @ White Squirrel

Saturday, November 11

The Motet with Yam Yam @ Amsterdam

Svdden Death @ Armory

High & MIghty @ Bunkers

Dar Williams with Lilli Lewis @ Cedar Cultural Center

Clown Sounds, Visual Learner @ Cloudland

Dillinger Four, Clown Sounds, Norcos y Horchata, Slow Death @ Cloudland

Cafe Accordion Orchestra with Prudence Johnson @ Crooners

  • Trip Around the Sun @ Insight Brewing To celebrate its ninth trip around that wacky star we affectionately call “the sun,” Insight Brewing is going all out with its annual b-day bash. Legit bangers like Angry Line Cook (home to one of this town’s top burgers) and Parrillas Express will be on site selling grub, while the brewery itself will have a special lineup of barrel-aged imperial stouts prepped for the party. A stacked lineup of local bands is slated for the heated outdoor tent, including four cover acts—Private Oates (Hall & Oates), Smile Like You Mean It (Killers), Pleezer (take a guess), and Heartless (Heart)—plus rocker Monica LaPlante and psych-surf act Loser Magnet.

Charmin Michelle Presents BB and J: Ballads, Bossas and Jazz @ Crooners

RIVER: The Music of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow: Dorothy Doring and Rich Carlson @ Crooners

Shabby Road Orchestra @ Dakota

Michael Gay and Jack Klatt @ Dusty's

Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Band @ Driftwood

American Cream (Record Release), Bermuda Squares, Rupert Angeleyes, Dosh @ Eagles 34

Hot Bagels, Kate Malanaphy, Malamiko, and Admiral Fox @ Eagles 34

Kidd G with Lathan Warlick @ Fine Line

DragonForce with Amaranthe, NanowaR of Steel, and Edge of Paradise @ First Avenue

National Metal Day @ The Garage

Toussaint Morrison (Album Release) with Lazy Scorsese, Damascus @ Green Room

Dani Erin, Weeping Covenant, Oak and The Woods @ Hook and Ladder

Chosen By The Funk Presents: Turn It Up To 1111 @ Hook and Ladder

Roy Orbison Tribute Brunch @ Icehouse

The Riffin' Trio @ Icehouse

MMYYKK + Sonny Miles @ Icehouse

Patrick Adkins Quartet @ Jazz Central

Joshua Johnson’s Blue Dream @ KJ's Hideaway

Demitri Rallis & Run for the Roses @ KJ's Hideaway

YehMe2 @ The Loft

Dying Fetus @ The Lyric

The Good, the Bad, and the Funky @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Thai Sounders @ Myth Live

62nd Annual Marching Band Indoor Concert @ Northrop

U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club @ Orchestra Hall

Dark Star Orchestra @ Palace Theatre

Sparrowhawk, Speed Riders, and Super Flasher @ Palmer's

404 @ Pilllar

Jest, Alice's Escape, Telekinetic Overdrive @ ROK Music Lounge

We Are Scientists with Sean McVerry @ 7th St Entry

Bad Lucky @ Schooner Tavern

Freight Train, EFMI @ Terminal Bar

Voltage Controllers @ 331 Club

Falcon Arrow, McVicker, Tannins @ 331 Club

Moon Walker with Nordista Freeze and Little Man @ Turf Club

Handsome Midnight (Album Release) @ Underground Music Venue

Malamanya @ Uptown VFW

Rayland Baxter @ Varsity

Feral Light @ White Rock Lounge

Sean Cosgrove @ White Squirrel

Deep Fakes with Taylor James Donskey @ White Squirrel

Sunday, November 12

Ritt Momney @ Amsterdam

Swing Brunch with Patty & the Buttons @ Aster Cafe

AirLands @ Aster Cafe

Dr. Mambo’s Combo @ Bunkers

I Am Woman: Presented by Lori Dokken @ Crooners

Twin Town Strings Trio @ Crooners

Urban Classic: Michael Bland, G Sharp, Mark Lickteig, and Jay Bee @ Crooners

JD Simo @ Dakota

Phine Friends, Shotgun Ragtime @ Driftwood

Twin Cities Country Dancers @ Eagles 34

Karaoke with Reina Starr @ Eagles 34

Flavor Jam @ Green Room

Red Hot Django Peppers @ Icehouse

Michael Perry and the Long Beds with Molly Brandt @ Icehouse

Zachary Scot Thomas (Album Release) @ KJ's Hideaway

U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club @ Orchestra Hall

Church of Cornbread: Cornbread Harris and His Band @ Palmer's

Poor Nobody's with Chris Hepola @ Palmer's

Walter Etc. with Suzie True and Che Arthur @ 7th St Entry

Emmy Woods @ 331 Club

The Darling Suns with Emma Jeanne & Tacklebox @ Underground Music Venue

No Divinity, Fallingwithscissors, Ice Everlasting, Sucker Punch @ White Rock Lounge

Honeymoon Madness, Cook County @ White Squirrel

St. Paul Songwriter Rounds @ White Squirrel

Monday, November 13

Sombre Arcane, Paths of the Eternal, Feather, Desolation Plains, and Dungeon Synth Sunday DJs @ Amsterdam

Bobby Commodore @ Dakota

Tango Desperados Practilonga @ Eagles 34

Twin Cities Queer Contra Dancing @ Eagles 34

Scene Queen with Ellise and Rivals @ Fine Line

Liz Draper (November Residency) @ Icehouse

Auto-Tune Karaoke @ Mortimer’s

Annual Fall Musical Festival @ Orchestra Hall

Cowaoke with Ben Moooker @ Palmer's

Pyrrhic Victories @ Pilllar

Helena Deland with Jana Horn @ 7th St Entry

Open Mic @ Terminal Bar

The Roe Family Singers @ 331 Club

Matt Arthur Contraption @ 331 Club

Mumblin’ Drew’s Oldfangled Orchestrators Monthly Residency @ White Squirrel

Kathleen Hanna Tribute Karaoke @ White Squirrel

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