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The Best Spam Snacks in the Twin Cities

In the immortal words of Monty Python: Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam.

6:13 AM CDT on May 10, 2023

A platter of round, fried spam bites, with one cut open to reveal the cream cheese and spam center within
Facebook: Blue Door Pub|

Heaven in a ball

There aren’t many Twin Cities restaurants that showcase Spam—and if you’re looking for 2,000 words on why that’s a big missed opportunity, we’ve got ‘em right here

But if you’re looking for a list of some of the best Spam bites in Minneapolis and St. Paul, why, that’s right below. From fried Spam fritters to Spam sandos to Spam musubi, here’s where to go when you’re craving some sizzle, pork, and mmm.

Blue Door Pub
3448 42nd Ave. S., Minneapolis; 1514 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis

My broomball team played at Van Cleve Park in Como this year, and the Spam Bites ($10.50) from nearby Blue Door Pub pretty much instantly became a weekly post-game go-to. What’s not to love? They’re little deep-fried balls of cream cheese and chopped-up Spam with pickles! Heavenly, especially if it’s winter and you’ve been running around outside. 

Facebook: Gary Sherwood

The Gnome
498 Selby Ave., St. Paul

A relatively new addition at The Gnome, these Tempura Fried Spam Fingers ($13) are coated in a dill beer batter that’s crispy, light, and fresh—perfect to balance the salty canned ham sticks inside. They’re served with a spicy chili crisp aioli for an extra pop of heat. 

Instagram: @sushidorimnSushi Dori

Sushi Dori at Eat Street Crossing
2819 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis

If you’re looking for a local restaurant that really showcases Spam, look no further than the new Sushi Dori. With two Spam sandos (the Spamich ($11) and the Saigon 88 ($10)) and a Spam sushi roll (the Holy Grail ($12)) this Eat Street Crossing newbie has established itself as the spot for Spam in Minneapolis and St. Paul. 

Em Cassel

Saint Dinette
261 E. Fifth St., St. Paul

Saint Dinette’s “spam” is house-made, a cheffy twist that should maybe disqualify the Spam & Peas ($8) from this list on a technicality. Here’s the thing: While it sounds like something you’d have to choke down during school lunch (and the beurre vert, or “green butter,” does look a little like Nickelodeon slime), this dish is fresh and springy, salty and sweet, and great paired with Dinette’s classically perfect burger. 

Ono Hawaiiain PlatesOno Hawaiian Plates

Ono Hawaiian Plates at North Loop Galley
729 Washington Ave. N. Minneapolis

If you’ve never had Spam Musubi, a classic Hawaiian snack, this is your sign to do it—at just $3.50 a pop, what do you have to lose? Spam also shows up in Ono’s Hawaiian Fried Rice ($11.50), which chef Warren Seta jokes is a “garbage-can fried rice” with Portuguese sausage, bacon, and vegetables.

Apostle Supper Club
253 Kellogg Blvd. W., St. Paul

The Apostle’s Fried Spam Tacos ($12) come wrapped in wonton shells, with pickled jalapeños and chili oil. (Oops, we don't have a photo of this one—you'll just have to imagine it.) Owner Brian Ingram describes them as “almost like a spring roll with Spam,” and if that doesn’t get your taste buds fired up at least a little bit, I have no idea why you’ve read all this way on a list about Spam. 

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