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Stacy Brooks

Stacy Brooks is a freelance food and travel writer. She’s never met a carb she didn’t like and has a soft spot for Lucky Charms. Find her on Instagram (@_tangledupinfood) or at

Cocoa Flake’s Hand-Painted Chocolates Are *Almost* Too Pretty to Eat

'There’s so many small details. I love what I do, but sometimes, it’s like, why didn’t I stick with cupcakes?'

January 19, 2024

SunBean Coffee Shop Will Light Up a Long-Vacant Standish-Ericsson Storefront

'A lot of the newer coffee shops are made to go: order your coffee on the app, don’t talk to a human, grab your coffee and get out of here. We don’t want that.'

August 14, 2023

An Ode to Mike’s Discount Foods, the Flea Market of Local Grocery Store Chains

Want grocery shopping that's less of a chore and more like a scavenger hunt? Welcome to Mike's.

How New Legislation is Giving Minnesota’s Independent Food Producers a Boost

For the first time, it's possible for cottage food producers to make a living at their trade.

February 8, 2022