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‘Aging But Dangerous’ Calendar Proves You’re Never Too Old to Be Naked

Plus an Icehouse controversy, MN vs. Amazon, and a new 'dive-ish' NE bar in today's Flyover news roundup.

Aging But Dangerous

Welcome back to The Flyover, your daily digest of what local media outlets and Twitter-ers are gabbing about.

Posing Nude at 82 (OK, 83, but That Doesn't Rhyme)

In 2008, Minneapolis grandmother Jean Ketcham founded a group called Aging But Dangerous, which invited women over 50 to "daring social events"—everything from skydiving to tattoo-shop outings. So why is the Star Tribune's Rachel Hutton profiling Ketcham the group 15 years later? Well, because Aging But Dangerous just released its first nude calendar. "I just think women—can I say a bad word to you?—dammit, they should get a hold of themselves and get out there and make things happen," the 83-year-old Ketcham says, in a delightful Q&A that also touches on feeling good, fighting cancer, fecal incontinence, and her grandchildren's reaction to the nude calendar. We highly recommend reading the whole thing, and you can order the "The Fierce & Fabulous" calendar, which was shot by Annie Marie Photography, right here.

Whose House is Icehouse?

The DJs who periodically throw the Latinx dance party Noche Chingona at Icehouse got some bad news on Saturday morning. The Whittier club had canceled their event, which was scheduled for that evening. Turns out Icehouse had got an offer they say they couldn’t refuse: a booking to hold a private afterparty for Dave Chappelle, who was performing that night at Xcel. “They chose a corporate buyout over our show and just let us know this morning," DJs TaliaKnight and queenDuins wrote angrily on social media that day, noting that this cancellation occurred during Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Icehouse issued an online apology on Monday. “The decision was made to book a private party booking in order to keep the lights on,” the statement read, adding that the club's financial situation had still not recovered from COVID. The apology might have gone over better if the booking had been for anyone but Chappelle, who has been under fire for years for transphobic material. (First Avenue canceled a Chappelle performance in July 2022 after public outcry and protests from its staff.) Of note, this isn’t the first time Chapelle and Icehouse have done business—in 2017 he performed a five-night stand there.

Ellison: It’s Amaz-ON!

Congrats, Minnesota—you’re one of the 17 states joining the FTC in suing Amazon for monopoly practices. “Amazon’s illegal conduct has significantly stifled competition for much of the online economy and has driven up the cost of shopping—and selling—on Amazon for everyone,” Attorney General Keith Ellison said in a statement that probably didn’t need those em dashes. Amazon’s lawyer, you will not be surprised to learn, predicts great calamity should Amazon lose, offering up this parade of horribles (an actual legal term—they teach you that in law school, honest): “fewer products to choose from, higher prices, slower deliveries for consumers, and reduced options for small businesses,” (Oh no! Not fewer products!) Back in olden times, just having a monopoly was a good enough reason to bring an antitrust suit, but the law has changed and now you have to show an actual decrease in competition. You can blame Nixon henchman, justifiably thwarted Supreme Court nominee, and frothing culture warrior Robert Bork for getting that idea accepted, by the way.

New Dive Bar Coming to Northeast

Is that an oxymoron? Probably. At least Centro Restaurant Group's description of its new project, Bina’s, as "dive bar-ish" allows for some of wiggle room. The new spot will be located in a former barbershop/office space at 1404 Quincy St. NE, right by Centro and Vivir (also a Centro joint). Named after owner Jami Olson’s grandparents, Bina’s will feature a modified version of their EveryWhen Burger Bar menu. Think fried cheese, fried pickles, smash burgers, and, according to a release sent out this morning, "fun Dixie cup snacks." Typical dive bar amenities will include pull tabs, darts, unfussy cocktails, and hipster beers like PBR and Hamm’s. There will be non-divey elements, too, including kitschy Christmas decor in the bathrooms and menu ordering via QR code. (C.C. Club, Uptown VFW, and the Cardinal would never!) Centro plans to open the space sometime in early 2024.

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