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A Hmong Fashion Concert, a Sit-Down Punk Show, and Oodles More in This Week’s Complete Concert Calendar: November 15-22

Pretty much all the music you can catch in the Twin Cities this week.

Molly Matalon|

Plains will be at First Avenue this Friday, Nov. 18.

Don't be scared of a little snow! Get out there and see some shows. Actually, be just scared enough of a little snow that you drive carefully.

Tuesday, November 15

Collie Buddz @ Amsterdam

International Reggae Allstars @ Bunkers

Stanley Jordan @ Dakota

St. Dominic’s Trio @ Driftwood

King Buffalo with Howling Giant @ Fine Line

Jake Scott with ROSIE and Brynn Cartelli @ First Avenue

Glenn Phillips, Garrison Starr @ Icehouse

Buck Gooter, Ships In the Night, Solemn Shapes, Stressica & Texture Freq @ Palmer’s

Dora Jar with Sam Austins @ 7th St Entry

November Conspiracy Series featuring Paul Kyle, Ben Kyle, Robin Kyle, the Coffee Brothers @ 331 Club

Workers Playtime, Amanda Standalone @ 331 Club

Wannabe: A Spice Girls Tribute with Luna Muse and Gemini Valentine @ Turf Club

Trevor McSpadden & Mary Cutrufello @ White Squirrel

Ice Climber Tuesday Night Residency with Buio Omega, Comrade Tripp, Los Pinches Gueyes @ White Squirrel

Wednesday, November 16

Loathe with Static Dress, Omerta, and Paledusk @ Amsterdam

MN Songwriter Showcase hosted by Nick Hensley @ Aster Cafe

Dylan Salfer @ Bunkers

Alex Cole @ Crooners

The Quebe Sisters @ Dakota

Hero, Danger Pins @ Driftwood

AFI @ Fillmore

The Infamous Stringdusters @ Fine Line

Bob Frey + Maya Elena @ Icehouse

Colonel Mustard's Mechanical Orchestra @ Palmer’s

Getting By, Ray Gun Youth, Trash Catties, Pure Shifter, and Go Go Boot Camp @ Palmer’s

Sun Room with Susannah Joffe @ 7th St Entry

  • Dropkick Murphys @ State TheatreThe incongruous idea of these rowdy Boston bagpipe punks performing from the stage at the State amused me at first. Then I learned that they're coming off an acoustic album (and a fairly strong one) called This Machine Still Kills Fascists that, as its title suggests, builds off unpublished Woody Guthrie lyrics and it all made sense. (Is there tin whistle? Oh, you know it, pal.) Funny to think Wilco and Billy Bragg released Mermaid Avenue in 1998, and Woody's archives have been fueling folk-rock for a quarter-century now—in fact, he wrote the lyrics to a song called "I'm Shipping up to Boston" that Murphys fans know pretty well.

KFAI House Party Presents Joel Astley, Johnny Burgin Duo @ 331 Club

Whiskey Serenade @ 331 Club

The Vault: Concert Series and Open Mic @ The Treasury

The Murlocs with Paul Jacobs @ Turf Club

Saint Paul Mudsteppers Monthly @ White Squirrel

Art Vandalay, Scott Zosel, The Falderals @ White Squirrel

Thursday, November 17

Atlus @ Amsterdam

Koe Wetzel + Jelly Roll @ Armory

Kid Dakota (November Residency) with Chris Holm @ Aster Cafe

Jay Bee & the Routine @ Bunkers

Dan Chouinard and Prudence Johnson on Bacharach @ Crooners

Peter Cincotti @ Crooners

Chris Botti @ Dakota

Senor Blues, 2001: A Strokes Odyssey @ Driftwood

Candlelight Concert @ Granada

Who Are They?, Little Man @ Hook and Ladder

Tigirlily Gold @ Icehouse

Products + You Said Strange + Kate Malanaphy @ Icehouse

Loser Magnet, Busey, Loss Leader, Night Jobs @ Mortimer’s

Riddim Driven with DJ I Roach and Friends @ Palmer’s

The Legendary Pink Dots, Orbit Service @ 7th St Entry

Cross Pollination: The Gentlemen’s Anti-Temperance League @ 331 Club

Welshly Arms and Motherfolk with Bryce Fox @ Turf Club

Doug Collins and the Receptionists with the Sparks @ White Squirrel

Friday, November 18


HebbaJebba + Matthew French @ Aster Cafe

Free and Easy @ Bunkers

Space Hug with Red Eye Ruby & Rebel Queens @ Cabooze

Zoë Keating @ Cedar Cultural Center

Sinatra! with Andrew Walesch Orchestra @ Crooners

The Randy Newman Songbook with Prudence Johnson and Dan Chouinard @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow with Rick Carlson and Geoff Jones @ Crooners

Chris Botti @ Dakota

The Lone Canary, the Non Prophets, the Mad Hoochman @ Driftwood

Sinatra to Slayer - Variety on Vinyl @ Dusty’s

Steve Vai @ Fitzgerald Theater

Vovo Careca with Punt On Third @ Granada

Little Fevers @ Hook and Ladder

Mango Jam @ Hook and Ladder

AfroGeode and The Gemstones, Big Salt, Charmme @ Hook and Ladder

Little Trios @ Icehouse

Another Heaven + Doomchild + Malamiko @ Icehouse

Brunette + Hyooman @ Icehouse

Ticket to Brasil with a Trio Bossa Nova @ KJ’s Hideaway

Bloodline @ KJ’s Hideaway

Space Wizard @ The Loft

The Rockford Mules, Droids Attack, DJ Assassin9 @ Mortimer’s

Our Song, Our Story – The New Generation of Black Voices @ Ordway

The Backseat Lovers with Bendigo Fletcher @ Palace Theatre

Christy Costello, Arctic Universe and Bermuda Squares, and Pill Cutter @ Palmer’s

Jason Ross @ Skyway Theatre

Alaska @ Studio B

Babie Eyes, New Salty Dog @ 331 Club

Doublespeak and Calamity with Odd Prospect and Party Foul @ The Treasury

Black Lips, Bloodshot Bill @ Turf Club

Mpls Drew @ Underground Music Cafe

Punxgiving @ Uptown VFW

Hipshaker MPLS @ Uptown VFW

Phantoms @ Varsity Theater

Cindy Lawson with Killer Prophets, Surly Grrly @ White Squirrel

Saturday, November 19

Flip Phone presents… Shrekfest 2022 w. Biqtch Puddiń @ Amsterdam

Ryan Montbleau @ Aster Cafe

The Good, the Bad, and the Funky @ Bunkers

  • Paul Wall @ CaboozeWell, would you look at who's still tippin'? (I know that's a Mike Jones song, but Paul features on it, and can you come up with a "Sittin' Sideways" joke, smart guy? Cause I couldn't.) Like any rap hustler, the self-declared People's Champ still kicks out an album a year, and I bet you could make a pretty good mix from 'em. But the draw is, of course, Wall's mid-'00's prime, when the Swishahouse scene out of Houston gave national rap a momentary jolt in the mid-'00s. No reason why this show shouldn't be a woozily enjoyable throwback, and good to see the Cabooze back to booking mid-career rappers.

John Gorka @ Cedar Cultural Center

Honky-Tonk Jump - The Texas Swing Music of Bob Wills @ Crooners

Maud Hixson @ Crooners

Erin Schwab and Jay Fuchs @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow with Rick Carlson and Erin Livingston @ Crooners

Chris Botti @ Dakota

Friendport, Snow Removal Blues Band @ Driftwood

The Happy Fits with Daisy The Great and Phoneboy @ First Avenue 

Malamanya @ Granada

The Belfast Cowboys @ Hook and Ladder

The Ardent Spirits, Geek Love @ Hook and Ladder

The Blue Drifters Bluegrass Trio @ Icehouse

The Kings of Cole @ Icehouse

Flags & Rags @ Icehouse

J-Mo on the Beat and the J-Lighters @ KJ’s Hideaway

The Assortment feat. DJ Michael Grey @ Mortimer’s

Chokecherry, Paisley Fields, Boy Howdy, and Fletcher Coulee @ Palmer’s

Matt Wilson & his Orchestra with Bleek & Grimm @ Parkway

Sa-Roc with Sol Messiah and Juice Lord @ 7th St Entry

Josh Gates @ State Theatre

DUG, PRIZE HORSE, Zak Sally @ 331 Club

Voltage Controller Vol. 11, chris hepola, kindohm x mt. curve @ 331 Club

Pandelion with M E L O / R E N and The Culture @ The Treasury

The Sheepdogs, Boy Golden @ Turf Club

CMJ, Optimistic LMZ, Uncle T @ Underground Music Cafe

Erik Koskinen with Amy LaVere & Will Sexton, Long Mama @ Uptown VFW

Whispered the Rabbit @ White Squirrel

Sunday, November 20

Leslie (Record Release) @ Amsterdam

Swing Brunch with Patty & the Buttons @ Aster Cafe

  • Castle Theater (Album Release) with Nicole Wilder and Brian Just @ Aster CafeThere are more singer-songwriters in the Twin Cities than I can keep tabs on. (I try, honest!) But I happened to give an ear to the new Ostrich, from Castle Theater aka Tyler Tholl this week and I'm happy I did. I hear echoes of Sufjan in Tholl's reserved delivery, though also a little more warmth, and the reverberant production is ideal for a wintry retreat.

Pianos Become the Teeth in Minneapolis @ Cabooze

Cafe Accordion Orchestra @ Cedar Cultural Center

The Southside Aces @ Crooners

George Maurer and Leslie Vincent @ Crooners

Urban Classic Featuring G Sharp, Mark Lickteig and Jay Bee @ Crooners

Chris Botti @ Dakota

Super Duty, Shotgun Ragtime @ Driftwood

The Eclectic @ Icehouse

Twin Cities Flamenco Collective @ Icehouse

Thoughtcast (Album Release) with Wave Cage @ Icehouse

58 Belvedere with Ryan Garmoe Sextet @ KJ’s Hideaway

Cornbread Harris: Church of Cornbread @ Palmer’s

West Bank Social Club @ Palmer’s

Celebrating 20 Years of Womenfolk Radio with Ellen Stanley @ ParkwayFEATURED IN EVENT HORIZON

Semler with Mayyadda @ 7th St Entry

Kai Wachi @ Skyway Theatre

Robert Wilinson @ 331 Club

State Champs @ Varsity Theater

St Paul Songwriter Rounds @ White Squirrel

Monday, November 21

Dr. Mambo’s Combo @ Bunkers

Open Mike with Joe Fahey @ Driftwood

What’s That Sound?: Curated by Chris and Ivan Cunningham @ Icehouse

Auto-Tune Karaoke @ Mortimer’s

The True Two Presents: Pure Chaos @ Palmer’s

Victor Internet with Ariel & The Culture and Estereomance @ 7th St Entry 

Red Eye Ruby @ 331 Club

The Roe Family Singers @ 331 Club

Matt Arthur Contraption @ 331 Club

Chef Sounds @ White Squirrel

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