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Police Investigate a Proctor High School Incident

Plus: Beer brouhahas, child prisons, and a moment of zen courtesy of Mayor Frey in today's Flyover.

Proctor Public Schools

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Proctor Football's Season is Canceled Amid Investigation

The reported stories have been vague, but the reason is probably tragic. The Star Tribune reports that Proctor's football season has been abruptly canceled, and there's a police investigation into "serious [student] misconduct." Social media speculation has suggested that this is a case of sexual assault. Football coach Derek Parendo "is currently not conducting any coaching duties," Superintendent John Engelking confirms, though the coach "hasn't done anything wrong." Football parent Todd Becker tells the Strib that "99 percent of [players] had nothing to do with it."

It’s a Beer Bust

Deb Carey, CEO of Wisconsin’s New Glarus Brewing, is suing Palmersheim Dettmann, the lawyers representing three shareholders who are also suing her. She’s coming at them with a defamation lawsuit, alleging that the lawyers are spreading false accusations through the media (over 50 media outlets and individuals are named in the suit as well). Those accusations include Carey not being straightforward about the business’s financial data, withholding $20 million in profits, using the brewery’s resources to boost a separate distillery, and retaining over $100 million. "How is 30 years of my life's work being thrown under the bus not painful?" Carey told AP earlier today. "The whole thing is very stressful."

Hennepin County's Only Youth Correctional Facility is About to Close

For some, the impending closure of Hennepin County Home School in Minnetonka is cause for celebration, the result of fewer high-level juvenile offenders needing the county's only youth correctional facility. For others—including judges "raising alarm" over the news (people only "raise alarm" in newspaper headlines...)—the closure means kids might be sent out of the community, to places local judges "don’t have control over." What's best for the kids? Should the county or state decide? Are judges looking toward the best research-based corrections models, or are they simply being territorial? Minnesota Reformer's Max Nesterak does a nice job untangling the messy issue of what society does with its most violent children.

Here it is, Your Moment of Zen

Mayor Jacob Frey has failed to answer a lot of important questions over the last four years, a trend that continued at a neighborhood meeting/campaign event in North Minneapolis Wednesday night. I think we can all agree: His silence on the issue of bofa is deafening. His office also has yet to speak out on sugma or ligma.

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