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Weed Weviews: 4 Things I Tried in April

Happy 4/20 everyone!

All photos by Jessica Armbruster

After taking a month off Weed Weviews to deal with migraines, I am back and trying new things. Let’s do this!

But first, a disclaimer: As I’ve explained a few times before, I am a casual but experienced weed traveler who’s familiar and comfortable with the effects of THC, whether I’m just feeling a whisper of the sweet bud or a full-on hurricane. Also important: These are just my experiences. As we all know, time and place can impact reactions. So can mindset, experience levels, overall sensitivity to chemicals, and energy level. Everyone’s body and brain is different. So stay safe and be careful out there, folks. 

For this month’s installment, I decided to order a variety of stuff from Nothing but Hemp, a THC/CBD retail store in Minnesota, Florida, and Nevada. Here in Minnesota, they also do delivery. I was delighted to discover that ordering over $60 worth of products meant they’d bring it to me for free ASAP like a DoorDash order (it’s $10 otherwise). My box o’ fun arrived in about an hour. Cool!

Jessica Armbruster

High Spirits’ Underworld

About: Based out of Nashville, High Spirits sells gummies, seltzers, and more designed to be fast-acting. Underworld is indica terpene-infused, with 3 mg of Delta 9 THC and 15 mg of CBD per can.

Interestingly, they also suggest using their beverages in cocktails, and there are all kinds of non-alcoholic “mocktail” recipes on the site. I also love the mix of people they list as customers: “Join the High Spirits movement full of free thinkers, creatives, taste makers, yogis, health gurus, motorcycle gangs, business tycoons, pro surfers, life coaches, and more.” Send me an invite to that party.

Flavor: This drink is violet/cherry-flavored. I don’t know what violets taste like (I think they’ve been pretty tasteless when I’ve had them on salads?), but this weed bubbly is definitely floral. If I was selling this thing at a bar, I would say it’s lavender with a hint of perfume misted over it. I’m not really getting cherry or any other fruit. That said, it’s not bad. Sometimes I like to drink floral tea, so I can definitely enjoy this.

Blast-off time: Yeah, by the end of the can you should feel a slight buzz.

Experience: As the amount would suggest, this is a mild high. It kind of feels like taking a melatonin. For me, it works as a good “before bed” drink–though there's 26 grams of sugar in each serving (a can of Coke has 39). The pastel purple color is delightful, and the dude on the can reminds me of Katamari Damacy's King of All Cosmos, which I dig.

Stoneover? Nope!

Jessica Armbruster

Billy Goat’s Hard Candies

About: Info about these guys is sparse online. From what I can tell, they are manufactured in Colorado by an unnamed candy company that has been in business for 60+ years, and then distributed by the above-mentioned Nothing But Hemp, which works out of northeast Minneapolis. The hard candies pack a microdose at 2 mg of Delta 9/2 mg of CBD per candy.

Flavor: Delightful! They taste like Lifesavers, and it’s fun to guess what flavor you’re going to get from this mixed bag. So far I love the huckleberry, mango, and banana ones.

Blast-off time: About 25-30 minutes.

Experience: I love these little guys! I usually take two to three over 30 minutes, and the buzz is definitely high energy. I took some to a movie screening recently and was pleasantly surprised by the level and duration of these candies. Don’t mess with them before bed though; the sugar definitely plays into the high you get.

Stoneover? None!

Jessica Armbruster

Discrete Vines’ Sparkling Rosé

About: This product is made by dealcoholized wine from Washington’s Yakima Valley, and has 5 mg of THC. “We developed Discrete Vines to give wine lovers real wine, real flavor, and a mellow cannabis experience," the manufacturer says.

Flavor: This product tastes nothing like wine. It smells nothing like wine. It is pink like a rosé, I’ll give them that. But no one is going to confuse this as wine, even if it technically is. If I had to compare it to an alcoholic beverage, I would say it’s most like a sour beer. It’s a Fair State Roselle-type thing for the THC crowd. I know it sounds like I have been shit-talking this bevvy, but I do like Roselle, so I have actually been enjoying this. However, I do not look this classy when consuming it:

Blast-off time: Halfway through the can it’s gonna hit you like a gummy—kinda impressive for drinkable THC!  

Experience: This is pretty great if you’re in the mood to sip something rather than popping a one-and-done gummy. But again, if you don’t like sour beer you’re definitely not gonna like this.

Stoneover? A little! I notice that I don’t feel as rested in the morning if I drink this too late in the evening.

Jessica Armbruster

Nothing But Hemp’s Zkittles Gummies

About: These are made locally using hemp from an organic farm. Each gummy contains the standard 5 mg of Delta 9 THC per serving. 

Flavor: With the name Zkittles, I thought I was going to be getting something akin to Skittles. Am I crazy for thinking this? Alas, these are your traditional gummies. And they are very gummy–it’s kind of a task to chew these things and the watermelon flavor isn’t the best, but I am not a big fan of artificial watermelon flavoring. If you like it you might enjoy these.

Blast-off time: About 30 minutes.

Experience: A classic 5 mg gummy experience. Good for watching something on streaming, good for playing video games, and good for other chill activities.

Stoneover? Not today, Satan.

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