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Weed Weviews: 4 THC Treats I Tried in July

Sour gummies, space ice cream, THC bubbly, and a fancy pâte du fruit. Oh la la!

Welcome to Weed Weviews, a verbal foible that’s become the very real name of this monthly column. Think of it like our Doin’ Beers series, but for weed. This month I revisited a few brands with new flavors, a beer brand dabbling in THC, "space ice cream," and a stoner cocktail. Alright, let's do this!

Baja Ontario’s Gigi’s Cherry Pucker Gummies

About: Minnesota-based Baja Ontario teamed up with local luminary Gigi Berry for this gummy. You might remember Gigi from our recent Beyonce roundtable, and she’s also a contributing writer here at Racket; check out her story on judging State Fair seed art last year. 

Flavor: First off, A+ on the packaging. It’s really pretty and shiny. Don’t worry if you’re not a sour candy person: While these are definitely tart, they’re not as atomic as a Sour Patch Kid. Think more on the level of a slightly unripe fruit, but like, in a delicious way. The cherry reminds me of Luden’s cough drops, which I love, and it finishes with that classic dankness all Baja gummies have.

Blast-off time: About 30 minutes. 

Experience: These hit pretty strong, and often give a little spike of energy, making them great for cleaning your home or organizing a closet. 

Stoneover? Nope.

Modist Brewing Co.’s TINT Blackberry Lime THC Seltzer

About: North Loop beermakers Modist aren't new to THC, but they're expanding on their seltzer game with a variety of collabs (including ones with Granny’s Edibles and HEAVY Clothing). Tint is their low-dose in-house bubbly, and it comes in a variety of flavors.

Flavor: Huh. So, the blackberry lime... does not taste like blackberry lime. It reminds me more of coconut water, maybe with a dash of pineapple juice, and ends with a banana peel finish. That's kinda weird! It’s not a bad taste per se, but it's also not what I was expecting.

Blast-off time: Maybe an hour?

Experience: Honestly, I didn’t get much of a buzz from this. The can is huge, which means it took me a while to drink it all. I feel like microdosing works better in tiny candy form, which dissolves fast and clearly hits you with a weed whisper.

Stoneover? Nope!

Legacy x Cornell’s Space Ice Cream

About: Legacy Glass is your friendly local Lyn-Lake glass, edible, and paraphrenia shop. Cornell Urban Agriculture is a Minnesota farm producing organic THC and CBD. Sounds like a good collab! 

Flavor: These are fun! And kinda an experience. You just pop one in your mouth and they dissolve away in less than 30 seconds, leaving you with a salty caramel cap that tastes a little like weed. Wheee!

Blast-off time: Twenty-ish minutes.

Experience: I would say these are pretty mild, almost like a microdose—but in a good way. I felt zen and focused, but not stuck in my head. The effect is more subtle than a gummy.

Stoneover? Nada!

No Coast Cannabis Co.’s Pâte de Fruit

About: No Coast is a Minnesota brand that makes a lot of fancy-flavored gummies. For this edition, I’m trying Vanilla Pear’adise, vegan gummies made with vanilla, pear, and balsamic vinegar. Fancy!

Flavor: These are legit delicious. It’s like I’m eating a little piece of candied date or a fig, both in flavor and texture. It’s the candy of a hippy mom who won’t let you eat Fruit Gushers but still wants you to have a treat. I am definitely going to try their other flavors and varieties. Hell yes, Pâte de Fruit!

Blast-off time: About 20 minutes.

Experience: Classic gummy high without kicking you in the head. You can veg on the couch, you can take a sunny walk, you can bust out that tie-dye kit you’ve been meaning to use all summer. 

Stoneover? I get a great night’s sleep whenever I take these.

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