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Time for Friday Open Thread—Your Alternative to Social Media

Spend your day in the Racket comments, the friendliest place on the internet.

9:47 AM CDT on August 4, 2023

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

How's your week been, Racket readers? Mine has been *extremely Minnesota voice* interesting! Seems the Paramore stans are outraged at my review of the band's Xcel show on Wednesday night. (Click here to witness the carnage.)

Kids these days just don't have anything better to do than tweet SpongeBob memes at a random old man and curse him out in Portuguese all night. DON'T THEY KNOW I'M A CANCER SURVIVOR?!?!?!?! Anyway, I haven't been on the receiving end of an onslaught like this since I said a new Demi Lovato album was just OK in Rolling Stone and her fans made a bunch of fake tweets I was supposed to have sent.

But I do not come here to ask you to talk about Twitter, good lord do I not. The whole point of the Racket comments section—the reason we limited it to subscribers—is to have a place where you can interact person to person, rather than dodging anonymous misperceptions from strangers in the vast wilds of social media.

So, let's get some good talks talked today, eh?

So rather than hit you up with a single prompt, like I often do, let's offer up a panoply of options this week. What's on your mind? Any takeaways from the first week of free weed? Thoughts on the Lizzo allegations, or on Dean Phillips's hypothetical presidential run? Or literally anything else—including Twitter, even.

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