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MN’s Biggest Landlord Needs $200M+ After Decades of Underinvestment

‘We don’t have enough units,’ says Minneapolis Public Housing Authority CEO Abdi Warsame. But his agency is still plugging away, having just completed its largest construction project in decades.

MN GOP Lawmaker: Do You Want a House or Do You Want Capitalism?

Plus weed party woes, Clark loved the Lynx, and a safe driving tip in today's Flyover news roundup.

April 17, 2024

Should Minnesota Ban Corporate Landlords from Buying Up Single-Family Homes?

Investors are hoarding Twin Cities houses at record rates. Rep. Esther Agbaje's bill would stop them.

March 31, 2023

Here’s Why So Many New Buildings Look Like Shit—And Will Look Worse in 10 Years

From condos to houses to stadiums, it's the siding that sucks.

A Reformed Flipper Explains the Potential Perils of Flipped Houses

Six pointers to help homebuyers avoid a lemon flip.

December 15, 2022

The Middle Class is Dying. You’ll Be Renting Forever.

Plus a sweet comic book story, embarrassing suburbanites, and a skeptical take on Pepper the robot in today's Flyover.

Watch This Very Weird Fox Show About a Couple Fleeing Their Minneapolis Condo for Wisconsin

Living 30 stories above downtown didn't feel safe for Tom and Vanessa.

A Third Minnesota Starbucks is Unionizing

Plus childcare woes, one rich person spared the guillotine, and taking the city out of density in today's Flyover.

How Should Minnesota Squander Its $7.7 Billion Surplus?

Plus a loopy Secretary of State candidate, Brooklyn Center's progress, and investors upending the housing market in today's Flyover.

December 7, 2021